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Near Protocol Nigeria Partners With DiutoCoinNews Media to Drive Near Blockchain Adoption in Nigeria

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Near Protocol, Nigeria (NPKGuild)  has joined forces with DiutoCoinNews Media to drive the adoption of Near Protocol Blockchain across Nigeria and Africa. Both parties reached an agreement to work together to grow the adoption of the Near Protocol blockchain adoption…

Near Protocol Nigeria Kano|Hacknode: Summary of Event

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The Near protocol Nigeria had their very first conference in Nigeria which was a Local Hacknode. This is the first of many to come and the first chosen city that the Near Protocol Nigeria team decided to announce their presence…

Exploring Dapps built on Nearprotocol from an African point of view

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SHITTU MUNIR AYANDEJI A brief introduction to DApp: What is DApp (decentralized application): DApp is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. DApp is popularized by distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as the Ethereum blockchain, DApp are…

NFTs and the Near Protocol Ecosystem

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Are you an artist that is into music, motion play or Art design? You might be among the above or working on becoming one. Well, we all know or experienced how hard artists went through for them to meet their…

Nkowa Gbasara Iru Decentralized Application N’ime Near Protocol

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Blockchain agbanweela nke ukwuu n’ime afo ole na ole. Ndi developers’ bu ogidi di mkpa nke teknuzu blockchain. Ndi blockchain software developers na emepe ihe ana por decentralized applications (Dapp) na udi weebu. otu n’ime ihe nruputa kachasi developers maka…

Yadda Zaka Samu Saukin Zama Kwararren Dadalofa Da Samun Sauki Yayin Amfani Day Near Protocol

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Yadda Zaka Samu Saukin Zama Kwararren Dadalofa Da Samun Sauki Yayin Amfani Day Near Protocol. Blockchain yasamo asalini a shekaru yankadan . Dabalofas sune katangar fasahar blockchain . Dabalofas na  manhajar blockchain sunkirkiri decentralized application (Dapp) da kuma shafin yanar…

Building Decentralized Applications on Near Protocol Blockchain

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Blockchain software developers create decentralized applications (Dapp) and web varieties. One of the most efficient developer platforms for building Dapps is NEAR Protocol

Being a Validator: The Process, Rewards, and Privileges.

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A validator is someone responsible for verifying transactions within a blockchain; i.e, a validator is a participant in the network who locks up tokens in the network and runs validator nodes to help run the network. Validators are the people…

Near Protocol Blockchain: Deploying Case to Address Supply Chain Problems in Nigeria.

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Introduction The supply chain plays a crucial role in modern businesses by allowing them to achieve efficiency, responsiveness, and success. Over the past several decades, the scale of businesses has expanded, the number of geographic locales involved in the production…

Near Protocol: Empowering Nigerian Business Owners

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Being a Nigerian business owner is hard enough as you have many competitors doing exactly what you do and some even are doing better than what you can offer and if you can’t think of a way of making your…