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How to Flip NFTs and Make Money From NFTs

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How to flip nfts and make money from nfts as a collector on different top platforms. You must have been conversant with the trend on NFTs and how celebrities and different individuals make money buying NFTs at insane prices in…

Man’s Stolen $2.2 Million Worth Of Bored Apes NFT Collection Recovered

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A phishing scam drained Todd Kramer a gallery owner’s Ethereum wallet of 15 NFTs valued at a total of $2.2 million, including four apes from the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” collection. The thief seemed to have sold off many of the pieces…

Quidax Joins the Bored Ape Yacht Club for 75.2 ETH

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Quidax; the first crypto trading platform from Africa to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club Africa’s most popular indigenous crypto trading platform Quidax joins the Bored Ape Yacht Club with its latest NFT buy. According to Quidax, the Bored Ape…

Samsung Unveils Smart TV With NFT Marketplace & GameFi App.

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In one of the biggest crypto NFT mainstream adoption, one of leading household electronic tech manufacturer announced new range of smart TVs with an integrated non Fungible Token NFT platform. The new application comes with an “intuitive, integrated platform for…

Neuralink, NFT Domain Name Extension, NFT, Metaverse, Web 3: Guide To Crypto Trends Of 2021.

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The crypto ecosystem in 2021 witnessed out of box innovations from the seemingly unattainable world of metaverse becoming an attainable project, to nascent idea of Neuralink, the world of virtual reality is expanding in many ways. The worldwide web received…

Jingle Bells On This Top Trending Domain Name Extensions

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Unstoppable Domains, the leading platform for self-sovereign identity on Web3, recently announced a partnership with Alchemy. Alchemy empowers 70 percent of the top Web3 apps and NFT platforms through their enterprise API. Through this partnership, Unstoppable Domains and Alchemy have launched…

Don Jazzy Makes $300k in Ten Minutes NFT Sale.

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African leading music producer, Don Jazzy has revealed that he has been using the crypto industry NFT (Non Fungible Token) to monetise his works, the latest sales he noted fetched him $300,000 in a space of ten minutes. The revelation…

5th Avenue By Angel Wave Production is the First African Movie to Release their NFT.

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We’ve seen a lot of developments in the African Blockchain space and NFTs is one which seemed slow to come to the limelight in Africa. But, one sector in the entertainment industry is breaking that barrier. 5TH AVENUE by Angelwave…

South Africa NFT Marketplace Raises $5Million So That NFT Owners Can Use It As Loan Collateral.

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This market is one South African company NFTfi targets and has raised a seed round of $5 million to continue pioneering the financialization of NFTs. Early-stage crypto fund 1kx led the round, with Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, Maven 11, Scalar Capital,…

Lagos Art Fair Partenrs With an Ethereum Digital Marketplace As NFT Adoption Grows Among African Artists.

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The growing influence of NFTs took centre stage at the four-day, annual Art X Lagos, West Africa’s premier international art fair that ended on Sunday. One of the leading artist at the fair, Nigerian artist Abdulrahman Yusuf used to sell…