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The Top Incidents of Cryptocurrency Scams Recorded in Nigeria in 2019.

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The number of bitcoin users has continued to increase in Nigeria despite the Senate and CBN warnings against involving in cryptocurrency which has led to Nigerians losing millions to crypto fraud. While the number of cryptocurrency users continue to increase,…

The Nigeria Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Sets Out to Clamp Down on Ponzi Schemes or Illegal Fund Managers in Nigeria.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set out to clamp down on organisers of ponzi schemes or any illegal fund managers in Nigeria.  Mrs Efe Ebelo, the Head, Corporate Communications of SEC said this in a statement on Sunday….

Uganda Legislators to Clamp Down on Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes Especially that of Crypto Scams in Uganda.

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Uganda legislators is out to clamp down on ponzi schemes in the country following too many crypto scams recorded in the past, including dunamiscoin scam and other crypto scams. The uganda legistors said this after the State Minister of Finance,…

Crypto Weekly Overview: Recent Activities shows Positive Growth in Fintech Startups in Nigeria. 

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This week’s crypto round-up shows that the Fintech Industry in Nigeria is growing on a good scale encouraging foreign investment in the country for Fintech startups. One of the laudable reports this week shows that the Fintech industry in the…