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Winning Play To Earn Crypto Gamers Best Strategies Revealed In Codalabs Web3 Gamer Study Research.

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Admittedly, the crypto gaming market is very bearish right now. However, investment in web3 gaming is expected to reach around $10 billion by the end of 2022, and many new projects are finding it easier to get funding from colossuses…

Nigeria’s Play-to-Earn Gaming Adoption Rate Hits 16.9% in 2022: See Top 10 Countries in GameFi Adoption.

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Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming or GameFi adoption rate in Nigeria hits 16.9% this year, according to Finder’s NFT Gaming Adoption Report.  Finder.com polled 43,312 people across 26 countries to reveal that over 16% of Nigerian internet users have used GameFi and…

LAPLAP, a Social Platform of GameFi, on How It Could Revolutionise Gaming Again

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On January 15, some community members of Gamefi’s LAPLAP social platform were interviewed by Nigerian media outlet DiutoCoinNews.   Laplap is a #PublishToEarn Web3 player ecosystem that leads players to discover good Gamefi projects.  The core anonymous team of Laplap comes…

DiutoCoinNews Chat Series 1; Understanding GameFi and Play2Earn

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DiutoCoinNews Chat Series is launching the first edition of its ‘Chat Series’ with its community to share the advantages that abound with Game Finance and Play2Earn in the crypto world.  This first edition of DiutoCoinNews ‘Chat Series’ will focus on…