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Bitcoin Price In Critical Situation; Crypto Price Prediction Shows.

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Bitcoin, ethereum and many altcoins have moved erratically over the last few weeks as the leading global economic policies stance puts pressure on markets—with a dogecoin break out taking traders by surprise. The bitcoin price has bounced around $40,000 per…

Bitcoin On Retraction Mood As Bakery Token Rallies To Over 50% Gain.

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Bitcoin has entered into a rally, and higher targets have come back into play, maintaining $45k price at downward trend as DeFi token BAKE leads gainers pack recording over 50% price increase. Corrections are essential for a healthy rally, and…

What Are Prediction Markets On Blockchain ?

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The versatility of Blockchain allows all sorts of technology applications to be built on it. Crypto ecosystem usually comes to mind , but blockchain usage cuts across and crisscrosses many functions. Financial assets can be either physical objects (tangible) or…

As Bitcoin Rallies To $45k Mark, Is Pull Back Imminent ?

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The price of bitcoin has witnessed growth movement to a two week high above $45,000 this week, climbing more than $10,000 over the last seven days. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine initially sparked a mass sell-off, causing BTC to plummet from $39,000…

“Bitcoin Price Is $100,000” May Be A Possible Headline in 2022.

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Bitcoin “will reach $100,000″ in 2022, that’s the tweet Bukele, El Salvador modern centric president  posted on Twitter. Back in April 2021 at Miami Bitcoin Conference in , El Salvador announced his country’s plan to adopt bitcoin as one of…

It is Triple 7 Days Gains For Metaverse Tokens. A Look At Crypto Market Performance in The last Seven Days.

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Bitcoin (BTC) price has strengthened above the $60K zone for a while now and market performance this week has been rather dull. While bitcoin (BTC) gained 0.5% during the last seven days, three top-ten cryptos saw double-digit gains this week according to Bitcoin.com…

Solana Price Records 17,000% Increase in 2021, And Still Growing. What to Know About This Ethereum Competitor ?

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Solana is cementing it’s place as one of the most preferred blockchain network giving leading blockchain network platform Ethereum a good run. Solana which native cryptocurrency token is called SOL has skyrocketed in price this year to investors’ delight. Let’s…

Cryptos Likely To See Growth in November.

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It’s safe to say that metaverse season is here. With the recent rebranding of Facebook business name to Metaverse and the ingenious plan by the company to bring metaverse on a large scale mainstream level, most metaverse themed crypto are…

Bitcoin Will Be Bullish, JP Morgan Predicts Over Expected Inflations.

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Gobal investment bank JPMorgan says inflation worries are pushing the price of bitcoin to record highs, rather than interest in recently launched bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Noting that investors are fleeing from gold ETFs into bitcoin funds, the firm…