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Solana Rolls Out Crypto Phones Called SAGA. 

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Crypto computing platform, Solana Labs has launched its crypto-forward smartphone called Saga which began selling to the public from May 8, the company behind the Solana blockchain said Thursday. Pre-ordered devices are shipping now. The Android smartphone is a gamble…

Solana Wallet Exploit On-going, Users Advised to Move Funds to FTX.

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Top Competing Layer-1 Blockchain Solana has been facing a major exploit on its platform as per the latest reports. The Solana Blockchain which has been in beta is now being faced with an exploit. As per details, thousands of Phantom…

Solana Lab & PUBG Are Cooking A Brand New Play To Earn Crypto Game, As Solana Price Rallies Up Following The Announcement.

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South Korean gaming giant, Krafton founded by billionaire Chang Byung-gyu, is growing it’s crypto empire by partnering with blockchain startup Solana Labs to develop play-to-earn crypto games. The company behind the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game announced on Wednesday that it had…

125k Ethereum Worth $325 Million Stolen From Wormhole In Latest Solana/Ethereum Hack.

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In what experts termed the fourth biggest hacks ever, Wormhole Portal, a platform that helps users transfer cryptocurrency between the Solana and Ethereum blockchains, announced late Wednesday that a hacker had stolen more than $325 million worth of Ethereum Tokens….

Solana Price Records 17,000% Increase in 2021, And Still Growing. What to Know About This Ethereum Competitor ?

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Solana is cementing it’s place as one of the most preferred blockchain network giving leading blockchain network platform Ethereum a good run. Solana which native cryptocurrency token is called SOL has skyrocketed in price this year to investors’ delight. Let’s…

Solana Soars To New All Time High

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Solana’s sol token surged to a new all time record today, pushing higher as the digital currency maintained upward growth following a bullish trend. The digital currency’s price according to Forbes report, reached $215.06 earlier today, Messari data shows. At…

Okex Approves the Use Of USDT And USDC On the Solana network And Okex Earn Adds USDC to The Wealth Management Subscription.

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Okex has recently opened deposit and withdrawal for the stablecoins based on users’ demand. The two stablecoins USDT and USDC are now supported on the Solana network. Coupled with approval of the duo stablecoins, Okex has also opened the USDC…

Solana’s Phantom Wallet Beefs Up Security After Scammers Drain Users Wallets.

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Solana-based digital wallet Phantom has strengthened its cyber defenses after weeks of user-reported scams that drained victims’ crypto token balances. The wallet, analogous to Ethereum’s Metamask, exiled its “auto-approve” transaction feature to the back of the app, an Oct. 7 blog…