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Dan Holdings Launches Coins App, a Crypto-Powered Social Payments Application for the Globalized World

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Coins App is a global social payments application for the Dan Holdings Blockchain Ecosystem, designed to integrate billions of people into the global world, by empowering them to move money freely across borders.

Dan Holdings Donates 20 Million Naira to LifeBank to Fight Covid-19 in Oyo State.

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Dan Holdings Limited, has made a total of N20 Million Naira donation to Lifebank for Airbank (Oxygen) in Lagos, Oyo and Abuja and Testing facilities for a total of 1500 tests.

An Exclusive Interview [Q&A] with Founder & CEO, Dan Holdings of Blockfinex, Telechat and CoinsApp, Danny Oyekan.

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Danny Oyekan is a Nigerian digital currency entrepreneur and founded the Dubai based blockchain company Dan Holdings. He is also a founder of Dan Ventures. Oyekan has over 7 years experience in IT infrastructure. He was once involved in other…

Blockfinex Plans to Launch Three New Stablecoins for the African Market, Naira, USD and Gold Stablecoins

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Blockfinex Cryptocurrency owned by Dan Holdings plans to launch three new stablecoins for the Nigerian and African Market. According to the Chairman of Dan Holdings Group, Mr. Danny Onyekan, the reason behind expanding into Nigeria and other African markerts is…