The Question Now Is, When Is The Bitcoin Bubble Happening?

By Tony Diuto

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30 total views, 1 views today Looking at the cryptocurrency market right now, many investors are not happy with what is going on. The question now is, when is the Bitcoin bubble? Investors are now aware that too much hope in projects that have no real product, use case or service is everywhere in the crypto industry. …

Bitcoin Crashes Down To $7100 In What Speculators Call Bitcoin Black Friday.

By Diutocoinnews

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32 total views, no views today This is what some enthusiasts has mimicked to be Bitcoin Black Friday for the cryptocurrency trading community.  The cryptocurrency markets continued on a downward slide today. Bitcoin (BTC) was dropping nearly 8% to settle at $7000, down from around $7,800 yesterday. Is that the Bitcoin Black Friday? The global crypto…

Bitfxt Exchange is now listed on coinmarketcap cryptocurrency data aggregator. 

By Diutocoinnews

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74 total views, no views today Bitfxt Exchange is now listed on coinmarketcap cryptocurrency data aggregator.  Bitfxt Exchange which is one of the top indigenous cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria. It was listed today on coinmarketcap marking a new stride towards user base growth. The native of the exchange BXT coin was previously listed on coinmarketcap with…

Bitfxt Coin Lists On

By Diutocoinnews

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88 total views, no views today Bitfxt Coin Lists On Bitfxt is one of the newly launched exchanges in Nigeria offering various cryptocurrency financial services.  Bitfxt announced via its blog today that it was listed on coinmarketcap. This makes bitfxt that first Nigeria indeginous project to be listed on coinmarketcap.  Bitfxt coin trades on shorter,…

Research Shows Nigerians Trade More On P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges Accounting For Over 50 Percent Bitcoin Trading Volume In Africa.

By Diutocoinnews

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35 total views, 1 views today The Nigeria market boosts of over 50 percent of the bitcoin trading volume in Africa with the Nigeria Naira listed on two top cryptocurrency exchanges.  Among the top Peer-to-peer digital currency trading platforms like Localbitcoin and Paxful. Nigeria accounts for up to 50 percent of the trading volume among top African…

Coinmarketcap Lists Africa’s Top Cryptocurrency Exchange KubitX.

By Diutocoinnews

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25 total views, 1 views today One of the top cryptocurrency exchange in Africa, Kubitx lists on cryptocurrency market data aggregator, coinmarketcap. No full detailed information has been made available on coinmarketcap but the following was highlights; “Launched on 20/12/2018, KuBitX Exchange is a centralized exchange based in Seychelles and Malta. It supports OTC/IEO. It is reportedly… To Restricts US Citizens, Announcing Binance US Launch

By Tony Diuto

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14 total views, 2 views today Binance US— To Restricts US Citizens, Announcing Binance US Launch. The world’s biggest digital money trade will change its modes of administrations to its clients. It had declared that it will limit access to US natives exchanging on its trades. It had declared its matching up with BAM Trading Services. BAM…

Coinroom Crypto Exchange Ceases Operation And Disappears With Customer Funds.

By Tony Diuto

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16 total views, no views todayPolish cryptocurrency exchange Coinroom shuts down operations, and disappears with customer funds, reports on May 31. Some customers had reported loss of funds due to the disappearance of the exchange. received an email from one of its subscribers. The subscriber reports that Coinroom had suddenly ceased operations and disappeared…

Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex Shuts Down Withdrawals And Deposits.

By Tony Diuto

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25 total views, no views today Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has temporarily shut down withdrawals and deposits service, as per the tweet this day May 31. The tweet reads “due to the outrage of one of our network providers, we temporarily stopped deposits and withdrawals. Funds are safe in cold storage. Situation should be restored ASAP (ETA…