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The Top Two White Label Crypto Exchange In Nigeria.

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Some people might be asking, what’s the number or list of White Label Crypto Exchange in Nigeria. But before then, let’s see the meaning or definition of this new windows open to startups in Nigeria.

White Label Crypto Exchange is basically a cryptocurrency trading platform using the core features, trading machine and security makeup of the host platform. This will help create size, liquidity and reduce cost for the new platform.

The top white label crypto exchange in this category in Nigeria is SaBi and Bitmama. Both exchanges is utilizing some of  the cost and size of the host platform to operate its platform.

SaBi Exchange Review

Just a short review of Sabiii.com. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform with over 200 altcoins listed on its trading platform. Sabii is utilizing the core funtionalities of Huobi Cloud.

It has a daily trading volume of $100,000. Sabiii is also among the top five cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria.

Bitmama Exchange Review

Just a short review of Bitmama. It is another trading platform on the list. It previously announced that it will be utilizing the core features of BitHola. BitHola is a South Korean cryptocurrency trading platform software provider.

At present, Bitmama is yet to give details on this new development. So far, among the two listed platforms, SaBi still stands as the best in Nigeria with a high liquidity trading volume for Nigerian users. 


Diutocoinnnews previously reported that Huobi Cloud will open many more top cryptocurrency trading platforms of this category. Huobi Cloud had said it will lunch HIZA in South Africa this year.

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