TON blockchain sees a surge in active onchain users in Nigeria.

TON blockchain sees a surge in active onchain users in Nigeria.
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    The success of ‘The Open Network’ (TON) blockchain in Nigeria can be attributed with the tap-to-earn telegram based game known as Notcoin and also numerous other new games via telegram mini apps.

    The successful launch of Notcoin and the reward obtained from the Notcoin tap-to-earn among Nigerians led to the increased participation of Nigerians in telegram based crypto games launched as Telegram mini apps.

    Another popular telegram based crypto game that has gained wide adoption among Nigerians is Tapswap. Tapswap launched following Notcoin’s successful debut in the region. Tapswap appeared to its users as another crypto game that can potentially record the same success as the Notcoin project.

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    Moreover, tonkeeper, the popular wallet on the TON blockchain, recorded over 1,300,000 active onchain users in Nigeria who use the tonkeeper wallet to perform onchain tasks and manage their tokens on TON blockchain when playing telegram based crypto games.

    Oleg Andreev, the CEO of TonKeeper, the largest TON blockchain wallet said in a recent interview that it recorded an influx of 900,000 new active onchain users in May 2024, with a total of 1,300,000 active onchain users.

    There are currently many tap-to-earn telegram based crypto games and other telegram based crypto games that are not tap-to-earn, like catizen, a web3 game project built as a telegram mini app.

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