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Tron CEO Justin Sun Finally Redeems The Tesla Car Reward In $TRX worth $28,000 To The Twitter Contest Winners.

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Last updated on October 26th, 2019 at 02:00 pm

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The controversial cryptocurrency influencer and marketer, Justin Sun finally delivers his promise of Tesla Motors to the winners of his twitter contest through Tron Token worth $28,000 each.

The controversial influencer and marketer, who is also the CEO of Tron Foundation. Announced the giveaway of Tesla car and a giveaway of $20 million to 88 participants. This was intended to boost the twitter accounts of Tron, Bittorrent and Justin Sun and also celebrate the success of Tron.

The task set to qualify for the prize is simple. All interested participants should use follow and retweet the tweet from Justin Sun. Since then, more than 54,890 people had retweeted. In other words, the odds to win the Tesla car were fairly slim, to say the least.


Two weeks after the period set for the completion of the contest. Justin Sun uploaded a video of himself picking out the winner. The aim was to ensure transparency among the announcement of results for the community. The video however is no longer on Justin Sun’s profile probably due to Twitter’s inability to compress the video for easier view.

The cryptocurrency community however were vigilant enough to archive this video before it was deleted from Justin Sun’s profile.

Sun explains that he is using an open-source random winner picking software called TWrench. This software basically picks the winner after the drawer has input the original giveaway tweet. The software does a random pick in between all users, qualifying them under the pre-set criteria. In this case, the winning user must have had retweeted Sun’s tweet and followed him on Twitter.

It is also worth noting that Justin Sun later added extra criteria to be used in selecting the winner. As per the TWrench software aside retweeting the tweet and following him on Twitter.

The user must have tweeted between 1 and 999 tweet(s) containing #trx since 2017-06-28.

That was not included as a criteria early before the draw. This raised concerns over the possibility of maximum winning as it might have been included to reduce participants.

Now too many questions arise amidst the uncertainty of winners of the contest. One may ask why the winner wasn’t announced yet? Why Justin Sun had been quiet to respond since after the community claims of not redeeming the reward as promised? Why the video of how the contest draw was sorted out deleted from his twitter profile? Many of these questions has raised concerns as to why the contest was failed to end as was expected.


After announcing the winner through its medium handle in March 29 which reads

“On Monday, my team on Weibo gave away the Mini through Weibo, and the community has responded happily. The draw brought great, positive attention to the industry. On Twitter, the team used a tweet randomizer tool because Twitter does not have an official drawing mechanism. The team was unfamiliar with the tool and performed a number of test draws to understand how it worked, which has led to some misunderstandings about how we did what we did. We also were unaware there would be concern about the video not being live-streamed and that it would create ambiguity and controversy.

To address those concerns, I decided to create a live-streamed draw to show we are open about everything we do. The person picked in that draw has already contacted us and will receive the Tesla. I’ve also decided to give a Tesla to @uzgaroth.”

The winner @uzgaroth was awarded with Tron Cryptocurrency worth $28,000 which is equivalent to a Tesla Car. The second winner @Leohuynhpro was equally awarded with his own $28,000 worth of $TRX. Both rewards were redeemed on May 13, 2019. Commenting on receiving his Tesla Car reward @uzgaroth said:

You can share your thoughts on the new development and sincere contest draw from Tron.

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