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UNICEF Crypto Fund Announces $100,000 Funding Grants For Startups

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UNICEF Crypto Fund Announces $100,000 Funding Grants For Startups focusing on blockchain solutions.

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The UNICEF Innovation Fund and Crypto Fund announced a public funding grants for startups offering blockchain solutions to apply for gransts (up to $100,000 and cryptocurrency combined).

The UNICEF Innovation Fund and Crypto Fund is looking to support equity-free investments startups offering blockchain solutions with $100,000 both in fiat and crypto assets value (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

The program will be offering seed funding and mentorship to startups building blockchain solutions for humanity, focusing on women founded startups.

The blockchain startup support program, will also provide other assistance to startups aside funding.

Assistance like mentorship, business growth products, technical assistance, open-source access to experts and partners, will be offered to awardees. 

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The application is open until July 26, 2020. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply here.

Startups will have a better chance of being selected if you have a start-up registered in one of UNICEF’s programme countries. You also should have a working, open source blockchain prototype (or you are willing to make it open-source) showing promising results.

Developers building on DLT—Distributed Ledger Technology have a better chance of getting selected.

Recently, the program announced that it would support about eight businesses with 125 ETH, worth approximately $28,600.

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This funding is targeted at helping these businesses build their respective business models over the next six months.These businesses have already received as much as $100,000 in funding via fiat.

One of these businesses includes, Cireha a designs communication systems for children with speech or language impairments to use in the offline world.


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