The long anticipated hit track by the native rapper, Jifem from the Eastern part of the Nigeria finally hits the streets. The Blockchain Enthusiastic fast rising artist from the country finally dropped the long awaited hit track “OGINI” featuring a top native rapper Phyno.

The track is one of a kind. The rapper is known for his rthymic flow and familiar words he uses in his songs which sets him apart from other fast rising stars. Such a humble artist also wishes the Blockchain Technology is used in the Music Industry to protect the artist’s copyright and avoid piracy which is rampant in the industry.

Talking with Jifem he expresses his view on the Music Industry saying:

It will be a nightmare cut off for the upcoming artists in the country to avoid copyright infringement. More so the entertainment industry will benefit from it because everyone will secure his or her hard work safely. He will be rest assured that he will have his track secured.

The song is a street local song titled “OGINI!” which means “WHAT!”. The rapper raps alongside Phyno to trill his fans of his feelings with his woman crush ?. Such an amazing song that you can’t miss to lose catching.

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