Why You Must Invest In Blockchain

Why You Must Invest In Blockchain
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    Last updated on December 31st, 2019 at 07:00 am

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    Why you must invest in Blockchain . It’s not a compelling issue but an issue worthy of consideration. There was once an era of agriculture, then there came an era of information technology and now is the era of what I may call autonomous technology. The approach of Blockchain technology is targeted towards the individual autonomy and sovereignty. There has been issued of data privacy bridge. Where individuals feel their personal life is tampered upon. The approach of Blockchain Technology aims to resolve this issue and make the internet an autonomous arena for every individual user. This is the new technology called Blockchain where actions recorded on the Blockchain can not be altered. Each and every individual has the ability to see how the data recorded is been used.

    Ft Blockchain is a counterfeit-proof chain for storing and transferring information. To be more clearer, Blockchain is the technology that records unalterable actions or activities recorded on it. This means that all actions or data put into it can not be changed. It remains same forever.

    There is no doubt that this technology will go a long way to better the life of her users and the world. There are many features that set aside the uniqueness of the new technology.

    Features Include :

    Ability To Store Large Amount Of Data: The Blockchain technology can store millions of data in bits. These data can easily be accessed. More so, it helps to accommodate very large amounts of data without easily affecting it’s system.

    Ability To Process Many Transactions : The Blockchain technology has a unique ability of performing too many transactions at a very high speed. Too many transactions can be processed on the network at a given time. With Waves Blockchain as the fastest Blockchain with over 100 transactions under a second.

    Storage of unaltered records: The Blockchain Technology can store millions of transactions which can not be altered. Records, contracts and many more operations done on the Blockchain can never be altered once recorded. Transactions are done and dusted forever without the ability to change them. Everybody will be able to see them on the network for clarity and authenticity.

    Storage Of Value: The Blockchain has created a store of value through Cryptocurrency which has been the most valuable use case of this technology. The market of Cryptocurrency is over 150 billion dollars with over 2000 Cryptocurrencies existing (data from coinmarketcap.com). Companies create cryptocurrencies and tokens to create a tradeable value for her assets.

    Privacy Control : With Blockchain Technology you will have the full control of your data. You control your funds and private data. No one can have access to how you control you data and no charge for using the platform except the transaction fees which you are charged for processing a transaction. Though some cryptocurrencies like Litecoin has no fee for processing transaction on it’s network. It’s far more an underlying approach towards adoption. Too much bank charges are eliminated with Blockchain Technology.

    It’s an inevitable sector for anyone willing to adopt a new technology. The technology is spreading wide and fast. Coming across this new technology early enough now and missing the train won’t be a good catch for financial liberty. Consider been able to have invested in Facebook or Bitcoin then at early stage that bitcoin was at 10 USD. Now Bitcoin is at $5,646 with an all time high of over $20,000 in 2017. The base cryptocurrency is predicted to reach over $100,000 in the near future.

    DISCLAIMER : This is not an investment advice. But an opinion of a Cryptocurrency enthusiast. All readers are adviced to do their own research before taking any actions. Diutocoinnews is not liable to any damage that might occur whilst utilizing the information provided above. Cryptocurrency is a high risk. investment.

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