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Last updated on August 3rd, 2021 at 07:34 am

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ABiTrader crypto P2P platform gets a major boost since after launch.

Since after launch in June 2020. ABiTrader has evolved into a mind-blowing peer-to-peer crypto mobile application with it’s unique Quick Swap feature for Nigerians.

Following an update from the ABiT Network telegram group, the update hinted on completing the 1500th trade on the buy and sell order page “We have just completed the number 1500 trade on ABiTrader App buy and Sell Order”

ABiTrader helps users to buy and sell crypto via peer-to-peer. The available markets includes:

  • Tatcoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

How it ABiTrader P2P Works: Before you can place a sell order on ABiTrader, you must have the funds you are looking to sell in your ABiTrader wallet. You can place a sell order, the funds will be moved to secured escrow. Until the buyer pays and you confirm receipt of funds, the funds will not be released to the buyer. It will remain inside the secured escrow wallet until conflict resolution is amicably resolved.

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On the other hand, when you are buying, you can buy from the listed ads on the platform, minding the price you want. Once the seller confirms payment, the funds will be released from the escrow wallet to the buyer instantly and automatically.

The ABiTrader peer-to-peer service is one of the most secure escrow service platforms in Africa with near zero fees for transactions. 

You can comfortably place the sell and buy orders at your price and get it filled with minimal fees and without any restriction or control over your funds. The funds are at the users custody.

The ABiTrader app is the unicorn app of the ABiT Network platform. The app has other unique features including Quick Swap and Staking feature.

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The ABiTrader Quick Swap enables the faster buying or selling of any of the listed cryptocurrency with the most available best market price. It’s similar to instant or regular trading. But it only takes 24hours to fill, else the order will auto cancel.

While the Staking Feature allows users to earn Return On Investment by leaving your Tatcoin only on the platform for a specific period of time. The Quick Swap aids instant trading at the coin market price at the time of swap request.

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