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Last updated on June 4th, 2020 at 05:09 pm

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The AbiTrader factor is a unique tool for AbiTrader to take over the P2P market in Africa.

AbiTrader is the emerging unicorn of peer-to-peer (P2P) market in Africa. At beta, AbiTrader have already garnered 3000 plus users worldwide sharing cryptocurrency education and profit together.

Do you know that AbiTrader is the first product of AbitNetwork with the aim of sharing cryptocurrency education and profit for users.

AbiTrader has a unique system focused type of service where users can access credible cryptocurrency trading signals in terms of suggestions from experts on the best possible ways to profit from trading. 

The unique trading signal service has garnered many subscribed users benefiting from the AbiTrader signals and partaking in the profit sharing in Africa.

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The African P2P market has over 5.076 billion naira trading volume as of May 2020. Meanwhile Nigeria commands over 50 percent of this volume at 3.631 billion naira. 

Most of these volumes comes from Paxful and Localbitcoins, the two most popular peer-to-peer market in Africa. But these P2P market doesn’t have the AbiTrader factor. 

The AbiTrader Factor:

  • Trust Factor
  • Family Factor
  • Profit Sharing Factor

AbiTrader is African, AbiTrader gives you ways to profit aside creating a safe heaven for the movement of your funds safely between your fellow Africans you know. 

AbiTrader is not just a product but the largest community which have being there and now wants to utilize blockchain technology and grow its community for good. 

AbiTrader has over 19000 telegram users. The most important seed in any crypto community is trust. AbiTrader have not only created trust but also profit.

The ecosystem here is like an African home for Africans to meet each other and trade peacefully. 

Family Factor

The ecosystem of AbiTrader is something never seen in Africa, where 98 percent of the users are not only Africans but brothers who know themselves. The ecosystem is a family of friends.

The family factor never dies, its a generational wealth creation and transfer. With Nigeria covering over 50 percent of the P2P cryptocurrency trades in Africa, AbiTrader can cover the whole space.

At its early stage, its has garnered more family memebers to its trading home. 

Africa is synonymous with P2P trades due to the cheap and faster ways of moving funds to-and-fro this type of market.

The Trust Factor:

There is this common issue of funds freezing due to suspicious trades from most users. AbiTrader is solving this problem using the family factor.

You know when you have issues, you can talk to a family member, he/she can help you solve your issues in the possible little time frame. 

AbiTrader is a community of family and friends erasing trust issues to some extent.

Moreover the escrow P2P security feature already solves the issues of suspicious transactions ensuring that funds are moved safely though you may know your buyer or seller. 

The Profit Sharing Factor:

AbiTrader profit sharing factor comes in with the affordable trading signal service. 

Earlier before now, this trading signal service has over 3000 subscribers using the signal service to trade cryptocurrency for profit. 

Its common that Nigerians fall prey to scam crypto projects due to the lack of a decent way to learn and earn. AbiTrader offers you the opportunity to learn and earn with crypto trading. 


Experts suggests that the strongest project is the strongest community. AbiTrader is the largest and strongest community of crypto family and friends in Africa.

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