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Last updated on January 20th, 2022 at 07:28 pm

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A major key to understanding and optimising crypto trading complexities is the ability to identify, know and follow trends in crypto. This article will take a look at the role Twitter influencers has played in defining cryptocurrency trends among Africans for Africa.

Lists of credible top ten trend defining handles has been meticulously examined and presented. Follow the handles that will be listed in the article to know what crypto to buy, understand trends that defines bull and bear markets. Cheers.

Who and What sets these trends ?

Many pioneering innovations debuts on a daily basis on crypto spaces like NFT, Web 3, Multichain, DeFi…, some die as quick as they are born while others survive.

The work of keeping and making an innovation adaptable and adoptable in today’s tech society rests on social media; the modern day influencer of socioeconomic behaviors and choices.

For the crypto ecosystem, Twitter, the conversation messaging app is the foundation of trends in crypto. With hashtags, top trends, Twitter has built a community for influencers and their fans to push topics, influence businesses, ideas, actions and opinions in crypto ecosystem. Africa as the leading market for cryptocurrency despite restrictive government policies use Twitter influencers as medium of staying up to date with the trends.

Twitter allows many Africans from Nigeria to Kenya, Morroco to South Africa to find interests or build a following of people who are interested in crypto. Beyond chatting with friends, Twitter allows influencers to build a personal connection with their fans.

This connection stems from consistent integrity in providing trend topics useful for the followers. Africa crypto Twitter influencers luckily are global crypto market influencers. These are the top ten both with large following and those with not much followers but well respected in Crypto Twitter Africa influencers space.

Elon Musk: This South African Billionaire needs no introduction. With over 70 million followers, Elon Musk is the biggest Africa Twitter crypto influencer. His tweets had crashed and revived crypto markets. Crypto markets seems to be pawns in the hand of the world richest billionaire.

Aside causing marketing volatility, Elon Musk is an advocate of community based tokens like Meme Coins. He is the biggest Dogecoin influencer. Recently adopted Dogecoin for payment of some Tesla merchandise. This is a Twitter crypto influencer and African to follow.

Andre Conje: Foremost crypto and blockchain chain developer and seasoned programmer is not just a Twitter crypto influencer from Africa, but a global crypto trend setter whose innovations in crypto space has accelerated growth for many tokens and expands connectivities for various blockchains.

This former Olympian from South Africa is credited for crypto projects like the Fantom ecosystem, Multichain, thekeep3r and others. He is the top and most sought after crypto developer in the world at the moment. Here is a Twitter crytpo influencer of Africa decent to follow. He tweets @AndreConjeTech.

Don Jazzy: From making beats to minting NFTs, Don Jazzy is a Twitter crytpo influencer from Africa defining trends in crypto especially in the NFT ecosystem. He has collaborated with relatively known NFt crytpoartist to mint NFT collections that has sold in millions of dollars. Don Jazzy is a believer in the Africa crypto projects. He has successfully pushed many African themed NFT projects on twitter, from Afropunk to Osinachi to Afrodiods collections. He recently made $300k in ten minutes NFT Sale. Follow @DONJAZY on Twitter and join his over six million followers and get the latest trend on crytpo. He is Making Africa proud.

Chris Ani: Twitter crytpo influencer extraordinaré. Chris Ani is one of Africa leading Crypto influencer on Twitter pushing African projects, predicting market out comes successfully and pushing conviction with the confidence of Solomon. He has successfully pushed projects like WakandaInu and got some global exchanges to buy into the project. This YouTube vlogger and Twitter crytpo influencer is Africa’s self professed “crytpo maximalists”. Follow @iamchrisani on twitter to grasp crypto trends.

Dehkunle of Africa @Dehkunle is a leading Africa crypto Twitter influencer know for his #FridayCryptoTalk on Twitter. This media personality with over 400k followers is full time crytpo influencer on Twitter giving attention to the African project while generally analysis and successfully predicting crypto market trends on Twitter.

Tony Chimdiuto is the youngest and most seasoned crypto Twitter influencer in Africa, a media entrepreneur and publisher who began pushing for crypto adoption in Africa way before the recent popularity crypto enjoys . He Founded Diutocoinnews to educate and accelerate mainstream crytpo adoption in Africa. He has successfully influenced for Big global crypto brands like Binance, Okex, Near Protocol and numerous crypto and fintech projects. His crypto market analysis and ability to correctly identify projects with potentials for crypto investors had and continues to create chains of successful crytpo traders.

Follow this Africa’ visionary leader on Africa crytpo Twitter space @Tonydiuto and be sure to get up to minute information on cryptocurrency. He is popularly known as the TrendProphet on Twitter

Sonya Khunel is the founder of Bitcoin Academy which provides training for financial institutions, corporate’s, developers, entrepreneurs, startups, interested individuals, schools and government. This Africa Twitter crypto influencer has the record of most organised number of events on crypto. Sonya is also Founder of Bitcoin Payments, a BitPay Affiliate Partner based in Cape Town. BitPay is the largest payment processor of Bitcoins in the world. Follow her to get updates on events about cryptocurrency on Twitter @SonyaKhunel.

Bitcoin Chief: Gaius Chibueze popular known as Bitcoin Chief is one of Africa foremost pioneers of crypto. Bitcoin Chief is a household name in crypto Twitter influencer space pushing everything Africa. He has built Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies trading exchange app. He is one of the biggest activists of the African protect in crypto ecosystem. Follow @gaiuschibueze the Tatcoin CEO on Twitter.

Danny Fantom: @dannycrypt is one of the best Africa crypto Twitter influencer. His love for Fantom ecosystem is unparalleled. His near 100k followers attests to his ability to predict tokens that will perform profitably in fantom ecosystem. This is an African Twitter crypto influencer to look out for.

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