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Akoin Foundation is Set to Launch a Blockchain Hub in Kenya

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The Akoin Foundation, a cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem run by the Senegalese-American rapper Akon, is set to establish a blockchain hub in Kenya in mid-Q4, 2020.

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The foundation is partnering with Effect.Ai, to establish a hub that will support entrepreneurial ventures in Africa to help them develop digital inclusion within the continent through blockchain technology.

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The Blockchain Hubs will come to Kenya first, then followed by Ghana and then Senegal. These three countries are the physical locations that will house the new hubs at the initial stage.

The Kenyan hub will be open in Q4, 2020, while the hubs in Senegal and Ghana are expected to open in Q1, 2021.

Effect.AI & Blockchain Center was first established in January 15th 2020 at the Georgian city of Rustavi in the country of Georgia. 

The Center was established in partnership with the UNDP, The Rustavi Innovation Hub, and the Dutch enterprise, Effect.AI.

The hubs are targeted at helping visitors access online paid jobs offering payments with cryptocurrencies through the Effect.Ai platform. 

These platforms also help in teaching latest business and technical innovative skills valuable to it’s visitors.

Speaking on these hubs, Akon said:

“The Akoin Foundation exists to empower young entrepreneurs first in Africa, and as we grow, in other lean and rising economies, to start and build businesses and create sustainable communities. These Opportunities Hubs are just the beginning.” – Akon, Chairman and Founder, Akoin


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