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Last updated on April 23rd, 2022 at 11:55 am

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What Is Alice SI ?

Alice is a transparent social funding and impact management network built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a decentralised social platform for measurable impact projects in the social finance / impact investing sector.  

Alice helps impact investors, governments and nonprofits fund projects with fully tracked impact data and low transaction costs. Its operations make payments conditional to verified impact, and they allow anyone to create and monetize transparent social funding.

Alice pioneers end-to-end decentralisation in the impact sector. Their decentralised storage and data processing infrastructure allow our partners to enjoy full data security and their beneficiaries to have absolute anonymity, full privacy, and control of their data.

Alice SI Founders

Alice Si is co-founded by Areti Kampyli, who is the COO. Aretis has 15 years’ experience in product development, project management and technical R&D. A a serial entrepreneur, and founded her first startup, a digital networking app with patented mobile data exchange technology, in 2009.

She also co-founded CliqStart and later Alice with Raphaël, who she met while both studied at the London School of Economics. She is also an expert in user-centric product design and technical research.

Raphael Mazet is the CEO. Social tech entrepreneur. Political scientist. Former lobbyist for Ebay, RBC, Blackberry & Mars. MSc from the LSE. He built the Brazilian office of Speyside – a corporate relations consultancy that works with multinationals in emerging markets – pretty much from scratch. Three years after arriving he grew the client base from one client to 20 (including PayPal, Visa, Uber and Alibaba), and our team from 2 to 9.

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Alice.Si Impact Investing/ SocialFi Benefits.

• Alice Social Finance impact platform went live in 2017 with its first application, a conditional donation platform that gives donors full transparency on what charities achieve with their money. The first pilot, run by St Mungo’s, helped 15 rough sleepers in London find homes and deal with mental health and addiction issues.

• The Alice team is now building the next parts of the protocol, namely an impact investment module that allows the creation of decentralised social impact bonds, a validation market, and an impact data sharing system.

• Alice helps charities raise funds based on impact, so donors know their money only pays for successful social programmes.All donations are held in smart contracts on a secure blockchain, to give donors maximum transparency on the impact their money makes.Their goal is to restore the public’s trust in charities, so more donations can be raised to fund their social missions.

 Reduction of admin costs by eliminating manual processes
– Real-time impact tracking with data sets customized for each funder or stakeholder
– Payment flows automation with Alice’s automatically deployable smart contracts.

Alice SI Impacts

Organizations can raise funds based on impact transparency – funds are released once an independent party can validate outcomes.

Transparent donations
Alice’s first live application creates trust by showing donors exactly what impact their money makes. It also automatically gives projects more if they achieve their goals.

Impact management
Alice decentralises the evaluation, monitoring and reporting of impact. This reduces administrative costs while making it easier to compare and benchmark projects.

Impact investing
Alice dramatically reduces transaction costs for impact investors, thanks to cheap & reliable due diligence, automated payments and a native secondary market.

Grants DAO
Part of Alice’s revenue is redistributed as grants to help social organisations launch high quality projects on the platform. Users vote to decide how.

Transparent appeals
Our first live application is a donation platform that shows donors exactly what impact their money makes.

Crowdfunding For Social, Charity Projects Through Alice SI

For any impact driven project, Alice analyses, visualizes and matches your data with the impact measurement framework of your choice. Visit the platform and and register, follow the direction on how to present your project and source for funds.

Upload your data and create your project

You gather your data through surveys, interviews or IoT devices? You can upload an excel or connect to your Salesforce, or any other database. Upload an excel or connect directly to your database or your survey software.
Then define the metrics you’d like to measure. You can update them or add new ones, anytime.

Create your projects. If you have multiple customers or grantees you can set up an entry for each organisation.

Define your dashboard

This is your impact data blank canvas! Define your data showcase, drop-down menus, your graphs, tables, and your metrics’ comparison. Once you’ve set your metrics, select a dashboard layout. If none of the available layouts are applicable to your data structures, then please suggest a new one. Alice team will build it quickly and have it available for everyone to select.

Set access rights

Invite relevant team members and stakeholders to your projects via emails. Then define who can compare progress across projects, who can edit a project or simply view it.


Alice SI has worked with Unicef and other notable organisations in raising funding for good social projects in transparent structure. Projects like safe homes, financial support through well researched data to ensure that the only people who actually needs help get them. Through innovative Blockchain technology, has been able to automate impact analysis for charitable projects and donations.

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