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A sweet #CryptoLife session with an aspiring medical doctor from Nigeria who lost over N3m naira in an ICO scam and is back strong and better.

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Full Name: Damilola Oguntola

Occupation: student

Welcome Damilola, a quick background of yourself?

I’m a 500L medical student of Bayero University Kano. I have been in the cryptosphere since 2018. I started as a bounty hunter, and have successfully come to a neutral ground between crypto, my life and my studies.

How did you get into the crypto space? 

I got into the cryptosphere in 2018 when a classmate of mine told me I can make money off my phone by being a bounty hunter, I had to read, write, do videos etc.

So far… How have you been making gains in the space? 

By adding value to various companies in this cryptosphere, I have been a bounty Hunter and in 2020 I’m presently involved in various Ambassadorship programs.

What would you say is the best period for you in the crypto space? 

The year 2018 I was paid tokens worth a million naira, as a level 4 student then just 21 yrs you can imagine how that day was for me.

Any RugPull scenario so far? 


How did it happen?

That was $SOUL, a DeFi token. I participated in the Airdrop and got around 50$ worth of $SOUL DeFi tokens. Then I decided to add another 100$ to provide liquidity, only to come online the following day to find my liquidity gone. The project was later announced by major channels to be a RugPull token. I just smiled and promised myself never will I do such again

That was a sad story. So…you lost $100 that’s over N45,000 with the current rate.

Yes that’s it, but my happiness was that I learnt from it. Because now, I can’t take such risk again.

Would you be happy to start a career in the crypto space..? If Yes..would you mind sharing with us to motivate others.. 

Yes I would, presently I’m getting offers from some startups to be one of their developers and to be sincere if I’m able to achieve the financial freedom I want I won’t practice medicine.

Wow… why dropping medicine for crypto?

The end goal is financial freedom for me. So if crypto can get me the financial freedom I want, then I would focus more on building towards it. 

Yes.. definitely that’s the end goal and you are really working towards it.

Of course, that’s the most important thing.

Any regrets so far…? 

Yes, I lost more than 3 million naira in a scam ico (Initial Coin Offering) as at early 2019.

How did it happen? 

It was in early 2019. The platform came up with an idea of a wallet that had a centralized exchange. Many top guys were hyping it. I saw it in virtually every cryptocurrency related blog post. Then one of my guys told me we should invest around 10k in dollars, that’s over 3 million then, so we did. Few weeks later, the telegram group was locked. There was no news from their announcement channel. 

I mean nothing was posted there again, the next thing, the channel vanished. I almost ran mad you know 😂. Because ehh I instantly became broke. Months of work, sleepless nights and poor results damn! But I stayed strong, that’s the most important gist here lolz.

Damn so sorry for your loss man..

Yes, I’m happy because those are incidents that make us stronger and we keep pushing.

Yes definitely it’s not gonna be all rosy.

Definitely yes, but now I’m much more advancing and now very much careful with projects and my investments.

What would you mind advising others coming into the space as part of your experience? 

Develop your skills, try learning something. I know some students who make more than 200k per month all from their phones.

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