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Kenya Ranks Fourth Globally In The Number Of Cryptocurrency Search, Research Confirms.

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A recent research study carried out by Broker Chooser just found out that Kenya is fourth highest in the number of searches on cryptocurrency in the world in the past twelve months. They are only surpassed according to the research…

Metaverse Explained

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Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, the interest in a generally shared virtual community or simply the “metaverse” has received the attention of a large number of people. WHAT IS METAVERSE? Metaverse is a term that originated from its usage…

South African Police Reports An Alleged Crypto Scam.

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South African police just released an arrest warrant for the arrest of a crypto trader named Shezi Sandile, 29. Allan Ledwaba, the complaint claims he has invested a loan he collected from his father in the crypto trader’s company According…

Tanzania’s Digital Currency: Economists Are Skeptical

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Not long ago, the Bank Of Tanzania established its desire to support the adoption of Cryptocurrency by creating the country’s digital currency. The adoption of cryptocurrency by Tanzanians has since seen substantial growth following the call by Tanzania’s President Samia…

Hash Function: A Simple Explanation Of The Basics

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To fully explain what a Hash Function is, we will be breaking it down into a familiar scenario. Take a moment to imagine the environment of the birthing of a new baby. Here, the man deposits his seed into the…

The Nigerian Central Bank Will Launch Its Digital Currency Soon, CBN Governor Reaffirms

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The governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) on Thursday confirms that the launch of Nigeria digital currency is within days. The e-naira which is the name given to the CBDC of Nigeria will be set in motion in…

Cryptocurrency Regulation Deficiencies stalling South Africa’s Crypto Adoption

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According to the recently published report, The Financial Action Trust Force has indicated that there are substantial issues in the regulation of Cryptocurrency in South Africa. The report stressed the major inadequacies in the country’s Cryptocurrency Regulation, stating further that…

What is Responsible For Africa’s Slow Growth In Fintech Industry?

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New Study Finds That The Reason For Africa’s Slow Growth In Fintech Industry Is Lack of Regulations In recent times, the fintech industry in Africa has witnessed massive growth. The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into the African market…

Crypto Investors In Africa Are Interested In The Education Of Their Children.

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A recent survey has revealed how African investors are making keen arrangements in educating their children about cryptocurrency while giving them a better life.  The recent report by Luno following a research survey of Crypto savvy investors in three African…

The Use Of Peer-2-Peer For Crypto Transactions In Nigeria

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While the government ban has prevented all financial institutions and banks from facilitating any crypto transaction and also commanded that they shut down any account that involves in this kind of trade, crypto traders have found a way around this…