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Social Payment Company Kurepay Restricts Operations In Nigeria

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Since the ban on cryptocurrency transactions by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the strict regulation sent to the banking and monetary sector in February 2021, various financial firms like Kurepay has restricted their operations in Nigeria. Tech firms…

The Central Bank Of Peru To Develop Its CBDC

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The Central Reserve Bank of Peru, the apex bank in Peru, is intending to create a central bank digital currency (CBDC) like that of other countries of the world. The statement was made by its President, Julio Velarde, who said…

Cryptocurrency Can Cripple The Dollar As A Reserve Currency, Hillary Clinton

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Former ex-First Lady Hillary Clinton has advised countries to ‘start paying greater attention to the rise of cryptocurrency.” She cautioned that crypto could impair the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and could destabilize nations. Former Democratic…

Texas Senator Introduce Legislation To Rectify Accented Bill

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Senator Ted Cruz of the U.S. Congress has submitted a bill to revoke the $1 trillion infrastructure crypto provision section, which he said is a “devastating attack” on the crypto industry. “I urge my colleagues in the Senate to repeal…

Digital Currencies Can’t Outgrow US sanctions, Official Asserts

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Russia’s digital ruble won’t enable the country to avoid the U.S sanctions because the global economy is “interconnected,” an official said. Central bank digital currencies (CBDC) like Russia’s digital ruble do not present any danger to the United States sanctions,…

Metaverse Projects Get $100 million Investment Funds And Support

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Kucoin Labs, the investigative and investment branch of Kucoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, has initiated a $100 million fund to breed early metaverse affiliated projects. These will include blockchain gaming Initiatives, NFT platforms, and decentralized platforms among others. Kucoin, one of…

Nigeria CBDC Attracts Global Interest Says IMF

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asserted that the newly launched Nigerian central bank digital currency (CBDC) is commanding interest from many institutions globally, including central banks. Still, the body advises that the CBDC is a little risky for monetary…

Africrypt Creditors Accept The Offer To Revive The Firm

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Investors who have their funds in the South African Crypto trading firm, Africrypt, have decided on a positive response to a proposal recently presented by an unnamed investor who is attempting to revive the collapsed company. In addition to reimbursing…

Globally Known Staples Centre Changing its Name To Crypto.com Arena

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One of the most iconic and internationally recognised sports and entertainment stadia, Staples Centre, is changing its name to Crypto.com Arena. Crypto.com has also become an authorized cryptocurrency platform partner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the L.A Kings. AEG,…

Infrastructure Bill Finally Signed Into Law

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Eventually, after several months of scrutiny from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the infrastructure bill which was criticised by so many crypto experts is officially signed into law. In a ceremony in front of the White House on…

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