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[VIDEO] BBN Polls: A Way to Earn From your Favorite Reality Show

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Have you ever been arguing with a friend and you said, “put money!” because you were so sure you were right, but then when it turned out you were right, your friend disappeared with “abeg abeg” even after agreeing to bet 5k. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

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In 2020, Big Brother Naija broke a Showmax video streaming record to become the most-watched entertainment live stream on Showmax in Nigeria. In just the lockdown season, the collective number of hours of the show streamed could be equated to almost 30 years’ worth of viewing.

All over twitter, conversations are flowing, predictions are flying, informal bets are being placed, fights are started over unpopular predictions, hours and hours are spent talking about the show. In fact, there’s a show about the show.

Will Bella and Sheggz kiss and makeup?

Who will be the next housemate to get verified?

These could go from being your next tweet to being your next source of bread. It doesn’t feel right to let this go to waste, so we created a way for the average BB Naija viewer to earn some money from predictions.

BBN Polls is a platform where you can stake money on events in the BB Naija show and predict an outcome to win from a stake pool. It’s a platform that allows you to put money on your guesses about the BBN show and win big on it.

It doesn’t even feel quite like betting, because frankly, the predictions are hardly ever far from the outcomes. You’ve been predicting these things on twitter and you’ve been right many times before.

There’s almost nothing to lose.

How to use BBN polls

BBN polls uses the cryptocurrency, Matic. So, you just need to go on the platform, connect your crypto wallet, and when you see a prediction you’d like to jump on, you put your money where your mouth is.

Frequently Asked Questions about BBN Polls

How do I sign up?

Go on  —>click on connect wallet —>connect your polygon Matocatic wallet —> find a poll —>make a prediction

You’re all set!

How can I withdraw my earnings?

When the prediction has ended, you just head on over to claim your win and it goes over to your wallet. No stress!

Can I run polls?

Yes! If you would like to be a predictions curator, you must have at least 5 prediction tokens from past events. You will be required to KYC and purchase the Curators NFT Token. We will send access to purchase the token once you’ve filled out the KYC form. This role is for true fans only.

How much do I have to stake?

The minimum amount you can stake is 1 matic. Yep! Just 1 matic.

Why crypto?

Because this is 2022, darling. Ok, because it’s more secure, and more efficient, and you can have fun with it. No government regulations, you can be anonymous, and it is easily accessible.

So, what now?

Get on BBN Polls, predict, win, tweet it. Do it all again as you enjoy your favorite show, Africa’s number 1 reality show, Big Brother Naija.

This platform has no official affiliation with Big Brother Naija.

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