Binance Africa Influencer Awards Gets Backlash From Africa Community. 

Binance Africa Influencer Awards Gets Backlash From Africa Community. 
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    The on-going binance influencer award have received a wide criticism from most African influencers including the nominees.

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    One of the award nominees have taken to twitter to suggest binance to do more rather than awards for the most influencer in the cryptocurrency space in Africa.

    Grey Jabesi, one of the top nominees from Africa criticised the award, calling it a “Status Game” and not good for the world;

    “What’s really the point of this award?. I appreciate the nomination but I think it’s rather zero-sum and divisive. Something to encourage collaboration would be appreciated. Awards are a status game, not good for the world. Let’s create.”

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    One of the popular media outlets in Kenya, BitcoinKE also suggest that Binance can do better than awards; 

    “This is not a full representation of Africa and Africans who are truly pushing for education and adoption. Let us promote the core ideals of the space.  I think @binance can do better.”

    Most of the nominees equally appears not to be interested in the award. Some called it a poor representation of Africa, some others said its a University Honorary PhD. 

    One of the comments applauded Grey Jabesi for his courage in speaking out,  

    “Fact.. I love and respect your principles…. They can’t just be using pointless awards to catch cruise. Very few will say what you’ve said.” 

    While we await the results, do you think its pointless to organise such an event?

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    1. declan

      The question is what is the point, Africa crypto ecosystem has too much work too be done, than encouraging division again

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