Binance Cash Transfer: This New Feature on Binance Allows Nigerians to Transfer Naira at Zero Fee

Binance Cash Transfer: This New Feature on Binance Allows Nigerians to Transfer Naira at Zero Fee
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    Last updated on November 21st, 2020 at 07:51 am

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    Binance Cash Transfer allows naira cash transfer at zero fees on for Nigerians.

    Binance has launched a new feature for Nigerians. This new feature allows Nigerians to easily send naira to users on and non-binance account holders.

    How Does it Work?

    KYC verified Nigerian user can easily send naira to another user on and account holder using the recipient’s email address or phone numbers as the receiving address. This feature allows users to easily send funds to family members and friends.

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    How to Withdraw Naira to a Binance Account using Binance Cash Transfer:

    • Login to your Binance Account
    • Click on Withdraw under the funds tab
    • Choose Naira under Fiat
    • Then choose cash transfer leaving bank transfer
    • After that, input the amount and the recipient’s email address or phone number registered on

    Once you are done, then click send to finish. The transaction will be live until five working days after which it expires. You can as well add additional notes if need be.

    Funds sent to non-binance account holder will have five working days to sign up, verify and claim funds else, after five days it expires and the sender gets a refund.

    Quick Facts: Binance Cash Transfer for Nigerians allows Binance users to send funds to binance account holders and non-binance account holders using phone number and email address.

    What can you do on Binance: Binance aids the trading of cryptocurrency with the Nigerian Naira. Launched in 2017 and started Nigeria market trades in 2019, Binance has turned to the power house for direct naira to crypto trading for Nigerians.

    Binance also provides services to other African countries including South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. Ghanaians can easily deposit cedis (GHS) using mobile money services gateway.

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