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The Binance DEX is almost ready for use as per the report from the Binance Platform Social Media https://medium.com/binanceexchange/watch-our-new-binance-dex-sneak-peek-8b942cc733d2 . The Platform announced the availability of a video of  the sneak view of the Binance DEX on their YouTube Channel. 

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The new decentralized exchange has many features including :

Send and receive BNB to anyone on the DEX.
Issue new tokens.
Send tokens to others on the DEX, and receive some in return.
Burn tokens as needed.
Freeze some tokens, and unfreeze them later.
Propose new trading pairs, with the whole community having a say on the merits of the pairing.
Send buy and sell orders through trading pairs the community created.

The World  Top Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance is setting be the World Top Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange. Binance also made known to the public their intentions to migrate from being an ERC20 Token on Ethereum Blockchain to their own native chain. The binance coin will the the token powering the ecosystem fees. 

We can recall that Binance stands out as the most interesting platform on the cryptocurrency space with their many services not excluding Binance Academy and the ownership of the top secured cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet. 


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