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Last updated on May 5th, 2021 at 08:27 am

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Let’s talk about the Fastest Growing Infant Platforms on the Blockchain Tech community, BlackTurtle Network. BlackTurtle Network is a Fork of Waves Cryptocurrency. The beauty of Black Turtlenetwork is that it has different features which waves is yet to implement. BlackTurtle Network began has a node on Waves Platform. Then as a node it was Turtlenode and still same till date as a node on Waves Platform. That was in 2017. When I came across BlackTurtle Network. I was in the group then with the bright minds talking on Blockchain Technology and was there experiencing how everything was gradually turning out to become a Waves Fork. It was a real experience and a dream come true for Mr Bram Nagtegals (AKA Mr Turtle).


In January 2018. The platform had its ICO which was a huge success. Around $1m was raised. It was really awesome. This is actually a group of young talents working hard towards a better Blockchain Technology for the people. Then the development started gradually. The star brain behind this innovation Mr Bram, I call him Mr Machine Brain. Yes, he is extraordinary. He was able to fork Waves Cryptocurrency to Turtle Network. Turtle Network later re-branded to BlackTurtle Network around April 2018. The token of the Turtle Node then known as Turtle Node ($TN) which was initially built on Waves Blockchain is compatible with the BlackTurtle Network Blockchain and also with Waves Blockchain.

After re-branding to BlackTurtle Network many developments sprang up. Aside the initial services being offered which included Turtle NodeBot Services and Turtle Node Services when it was on Waves Blockchain, new services where included. It will interest you to know that many things happened after this. It was really a big blow to the Blockchain Ecosystem. Yes, so after re-branding, the Platform started working on developing different products. Products like Custom Wallet, BlackTurtle Network Decentralized Exchange, BlackTurtle Network Tipping Bot and many other services were made available.


The App, Turtlenetwork Wallet has 100+ downloads from Google Play Store. It’s also an Online Wallet. The App has all the features that Waves App has. It also included leasing to any BlackTurtle Network Node within her Android App. That is a feature which Waves Platform is yet to implement. More accolades to Mr Bram. I really admire his intelligence. Then the app has an in-built Turtle Network Decentralized Exchange. Let’s look at this exchange. The exchange has many gateways enabled. The Litecoin, Bitcoin, Waves, Wagerr, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoincash Gateways are enabled on the exchange. Omesigo (OMG) gateway is the next to be implemented on the exchange as the voting starts soon. It might also interest you to know that BlackTurtle Network has 102 premium members using it’s premium services. The Premium Services includes: price alerts for Tidex Exchange, Binance, Waves DEX, adding alias to watch list and many other premium services offered by the Turtle Node Bot on Telegram.


BlackTurtle Network has 26 pools, 21 nodes on BlackTurtle Network, 65605963.38079064 TurtleNode ($TN) Leased on BlackTurtle Network Pools. 53 native assets created on BlackTurtle Network. To know more of any statistics visit BlackTurtle Explorer. As you can see, so much improvements have been on since its inception. This is arguably the fastest growing Infant Blockchain Platform. So many features has been activated on the Platform also. This includes NG Protocol implemented by Waves Platform to aid fast transactions. Mass Transfer, Data Transactions, Minimum Generating Balance Of 1000TN. Features like Smart Contract will be activated later while the new feature Fair POS aside the LPOS is already approved and will be implemented on the 5th of September, 2018. A minimum of 1000TN is required to create a token on BlackTurtle Network while a minimum of 5000TN is required to set up a node on BlackTurtle Network. The Tipping Bot can tip any asset attached to it to anyone in any telegram group. The Bot can be used by any Telegram User to tip anyone any token or cryptocurrency available with the Tipping Bot.

TurtleNode Token:
Asset ID: HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3 on Waves
Max supply: 100 million
Decimals: 2
Issued by: TurtleNode (BlackTurtle)
Re-issuable: No

As you can see so much has happened by just owning a node on Waves Platform. It’s something note worthy for Waves Platform also because it keeps it’s ecosystem growing and springing up bigger. BlackTurtle Network has all it takes to be the next big project out there. The team is pretty active and the customer support is 100%. I was able to gather any needed information from BlackTurtle Network. The members are active on a daily. I am happy being part of the community. The best fastest growing Blockchain Project so far with a current price of 0.02 USD. The BlackTurtle Network services includes ICO services. So far Hellenic Node is the successful completed ICO on the platform. The Platform offers help for projects looking to use a stable, scalable Blockchain Platform for it’s services. It’s use cases abounds as it can be used for payment of services and other use cases not excluding voting system.

A big thanks to the platform and its team. It’s a pleasure been with the community. It has been interesting and very much inspiring.



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  1. Oh Mr Bram
    I’ve admired this man for a very long time now….
    I hope we get to his wonderful achievements and above that someday..

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