BlockchainUNN Hosts’Blockchain And Beyond’, Africa’s Largest Campus Blockchain Conference”

BlockchainUNN Hosts’Blockchain And Beyond’, Africa’s Largest Campus Blockchain Conference”
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    Blockchain Technology has garnered so much attention in the world, but there seems to be a gap between those who understand the technology & its impact and those who do not. To bridge this gap and set up young people for success in the ecosystem, BlockchainUNN hosted the BlockchainUNN Conference 2.0, in June 2023.

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    Themed Blockchain and Beyond; the future of Blockchain Technology”, the conference was held on the 23rd and 24th of June 2023 at Ekpo Ref Hall, University of Nigeria Nsukka leaving attendees awestruck and inspired by the boundless potential of blockchain technology. 

    The conference  attracted over 2000 blockchain enthusiasts, industry professionals, and experts from all corners of the world. 

    With an impressive lineup of workshops, panel sessions, and a captivating keynote address, the conference offered attendees an exclusive opportunity to explore the exciting future of blockchain.

    The workshops held during the conference delved into various facets of blockchain technology, providing attendees with practical insights and knowledge. From Decentralized Finance(DEFI), Crypto trading, transitioning into Web 3 from Web 2, Technical writing, Blockchain content writing, Blockchain development, Smart contracts, and software development, these workshops provided valuable insights into the practical applications of blockchain.

    These workshops shed light on the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology across diverse industries. Industry experts shared their experiences, real-world use cases, and strategies for harnessing the power of blockchain, empowering attendees with the tools to shape the future.

    The panel sessions proved to be a highlight of the conference, featuring influential leaders and pioneers of the blockchain industry. The discussions revolved around critical topics such as scalability, interoperability, and regulatory challenges. 

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    Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights from these thought-provoking conversations, which stimulated a collective exchange of ideas and fostered a spirit of collaboration among the participants.

    Keynote addresses, delivered by prominent figures in the blockchain space were a truly transformative experience.

    Laptops, Scholarships, and Merch Giveaways worth over N1,000,000 were also given out at the event.

    BlockchainUNN is highly committed to the growth and scaling of its members

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