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Bundle Africa Finally Launches it’s Platform Token ‘Bundle Token’ (BXD)

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Bundle Token finally went live on the Christmas day with an airdrop of 500 BXD to qualified Bundle users. 

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Remember that DiutoCoinNews previously reported the launch of Bundle Africa token at an undisclosed date. 

Following it’s debut token launch, exactly 500 BXD was sent to all users who successfully qualified for the BXD airdrop.

Who can qualify?

Only users who signed up when the platform launched operations. These users also must have passed KYC level 2 and done up to $10 in trading volume.

Can I trade BXD?

Currently, trading BXD is not available. But you can request and send it to bundle contacts or non-platform contacts. The later will be required to sign up and claim the BXD gift.

Token Details: The Bundle token according to the details as seen on the platform is a token created under Binance Chain with a total supply of 2.1 billion.

Token Supply: 2.1 billion

Blockchain: Binance Chain (BEP2) 

Bundle Token Symbol: BXD

Download the app here and be opportuned to get free BXD

The token is an ecosystem token. According to Bundle Africa, it will be used for enabling crypto cash back and for other new features on Bundle. Bundlers can use the token to participate important decision making on Bundle Africa platform.

Quick Facts: Bundle token is currently available on Bundle Africa app. It is a BEP2 token on Binance Chain with a total supply of 2.1 billion tokens.

According to the platform, the tokens will still be earned by many other users who didn’t get airdropped any amount at launch using many other type of campaigns coming in the future.



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