Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Bundle Africa Is Building its P2P Platform to Withstand the Regulations on Crypto Payments

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Bundle Africa Is Building its P2P Platform to Withstand the Regulations on Crypto Payments. 

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Bundle Africa P2P is under development according to a recent email sent to users from the Bundle Africa platform.

The new development came about following strict regulations on banks processing crypto payments for crypto-focused companies supporting or processing direct naira payments including deposit and withdrawal. 

The recent CBN release on the ban on crypto payment processing has spurred the use of peer-to-peer trading platforms in Nigeria. Bundle Africa in an email recently sent to its users, will be will adding alternative cash in/out methods.

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“We are working with partners to integrate alternative channels to fund and withdraw from your cash wallets. In the coming days, we will send separate messages on how this will work. We are expanding.

Bundle already works in Ghana, and we are concluding integrations that will add over 160 fiat currencies as well as global KYC to the app enabling us to support even more Bundlers globally. We are building our P2P platform. We will work on creating a mobile-first Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that will allow you to swap assets with other Bundlers quickly, securely, and simply”

Other platforms are also working on possible ways to integrate alternative payment methods for their users in the country.

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