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Coinbase’s app crashed just seconds after screening a unique ad displaying a single QR code bouncing around the screen in its Super Bowl debut.

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Coinbase spent $16 Million on a super bowl add to direct people to their app, crashing the app 10 seconds into the advert.

The 60-second commercial almost entirely showed a colorful QR code bouncing, bringing back memories of the bouncing DVD logo. Once scanned, the digital code redirects first-time users to Coinbase’s promotional website, offering a limited time promotion of $15 worth of free Bitcoin to new customers, and the chance to enter three million dollar giveaway.

The Super Bowl half-time show was filled with crypto commercials but perhaps none has been so successful as to crash its advertiser’s website or critical trading app. The little bouncing QR code ad that aired during the televised clash of the match was the Super Bowl commercial of popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The QR code bounced around in an 8-bit retro game style for about a minute . If you scanned the colorful QR code or visited the link at the end you were redirected to a Coinbase giveaway.

According to the Chief Product Officer of Coinbase:

“Coinbase just saw more traffic than we’ve ever encountered, but our teams pulled together and only had to throttle traffic for a few minutes. Humbled to have been witness to this… We had over 20M hits on our landing page in one minute. That was historic and unprecedented.  We also saw engagement that was 6 times higher than our previous benchmarks”

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