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“Congratulations to Bitcoin Hodlers, Every Asset Class is Rallying Today Except Bitcoin!”– Peter Schiff, The Bitcoin Hater.

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Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 12:53 pm

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Earlier this year, Peter Schiff the gold bug claimed he had lost all of this bitcoin because of corrupted bitcoin wallet. It wasn’t a surprise tweet from Peter Schiff because he is a gold bug and a bitcoin hater. 

Peter claims the Coinbase bitcoin wallet lost his password as it wasn’t responding when he used it on the wallet. It’s very unlikely that he never knew his password and PIN.

Though after few days, he came to twitter to admit that he mistook his PIN for his Password saying that he never had a copy of his Seed Phrase.

Peter Schiff, yesterday said the United States Dollar is entering a chaotic economic situation from which it will be impossible to recover.

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“Last week, as the dollar spiked many currency speculators were suckered into the trade. They are now underwater hoping for a rally. Soon they will stop hoping, and bailout of the biggest currency head fake ever. The dollar is entering a tailspin from which recovery is impossible.”

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Following up the tweet, the Bitcoin hater also seemed to have changed his perception about Bitcoin saying that Bitcoin is the only surviving asset class from the all other assets affected by the COVID-19 ripple effect at the markets. 

“Congratulations Bitcoin hodlers. It looks like #Bitcoin may actually be living up to its status as a non-correlated asset after all.  Every asset class is rallying today except Bitcoin!”

The tweet currently has 1,033 comments, over 200 retweets and around 2,600 likes at the time of writing.

Chan Peng Zhao the CEO of the largest world’s cryptocurrency exchange replying the tweet, encouraged him to open a new account on, assuring him that he won’t lose his password with Binance system.

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