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Last updated on July 25th, 2020 at 12:33 pm

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Crypto at the Universities; LASU campus student shares an assignment given to him on “Cryptocurrency as a Safe Haven during COVID-19” in Nigeria. 

LASU — Lagos State University student of Nigeria shared with Diutocoinnews an assignments given to them to write concerning cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

The assignment from the accounting department of the Lagos State University in Nigeria was shared with Diutocoinnews yesterday 16 June, 2020.

ACC 103 — Financial System in Nigeria

The students were required to explain how cryptocurrency will serve as safe heaven during this period of COVID-19 pandemic. ACC 103 — Financial System in Nigeria.

The assignment came as part of the COVID-19 home work for the students. It was forwarded through the school’s departmental group on Telegram. 

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Cryptocurrency Adoption in Nigeria Universities — Crypto at the Universities

The increase in cryptocurrency adoption is now getting closer to the Nigerian universities. The adoption is moving fast and more universities will follow up soon.

In the future, we might see departments and other courses focusing on teaching blockchain and cryptocurrency education emerge from the universities.

We can recall that in 2019, DSN — Data Science Nigeria launched the first AI Book for primary and junior secondary in Nigeria. 

“It is important to prepare the young people for the future by exposing them to the right skill set.” Prof Thomas Dietterich.

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