Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Crypto Mood Is Bullish: Expert.

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Vinny Lingham a renown crypto investor with huge Solana and Litecoin portfolio has observed among his network of crypto traders the market uncertainty will soon be over as the tipping point to bullish market approaches.

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Vinny said,” An anecdotal observation from my personal crypto network: Friends who had too much in crypto and needed cash have been selling. Friends who don’t need cash are holding and maybe adding, selectively. Friends who don’t have enough crypto are buying. The mood is quietly bullish”

“After the market adjusts to the pace of the Fed’s rate hike, growth stocks and bitcoin will resume their upward trend, that is we will see a strong performance of both in the second half of 2022,” researcher at crypto financial services provider Babel Finance, Robbie Liu told CoinDesk.

The cryptocurrency market has seen astronomical growth in the past year. However, the burgeoning industry has dealt with volatility making it difficult for inexperienced investors to trade. If you are keen on tapping into this ecosystem, some expert believe the best bet is to use an automated system.

Also called trading bot, they work even while you sleep and are not motivated by greed or fear, thus improving their accuracy. Estimates reveal that 70-80% of the overall crypto trading volume is undertaken by trading bots. These bots can monitor multiple exchanges at the same time and trade based on predefined rules.

Battered bitcoin may take cues from growth stocks and chalk up a new bull run in the second half of the year.

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