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Last updated on July 17th, 2020 at 08:14 pm

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BFX BitPesa, the First Crypto Service Provider to Secure Remittance License From the Central Bank of Uganda.

WAMZ Including Nigeria Rejects the Change of CFA Franc to Eco Currency.

The First Successful Blockchain based Electronic Voting in African University System was Done in University of Jos Nigeria.

On last week’s Cryptocurrency News Review, we saw an increase in the record of venture capital investment recorded in 2019. This ismostly from foreign investors showing that Africa is the new frontier for the emerging technology markets. 

Meanwhile, in this week’s cryptocurrency news review in Nigeria, we recorded notable news updates. One of them is the first successful blockchain powered electronic voting system in africa university system in Nigeria.

Looking at this week’s review, the first update is the remittance license secured by BFX BitPesa which is a subsidiary of currency trading solutions AZA Finance. AZA Finance is formerly known as BitPesa, a cryptocurrency trading platform.

BFX is a product of Aza Finance offering forex and treasury trading service including buying and selling of bitcoin in Uganda. The new license from the Central Bank of Uganda will create an enabling environment for a safe crypto remittance service. 

Moreso, West African Monetary Zone on thirsty rejected the change of the CFA Franc (the UEMOA currency) to Eco Currency by UEMOA. 

The news went live after meeting on thursday, during which the members countries of the WAMZ strongly condemned the decision by the French-speaking West African states to rename the CFA Franc as “Eco” by 2020.

Also, we had recorded a new milestone in the blockchain community of the University of Jos in Nigeria. The blockchain enthusiasts from the university developed an ethereum based voting dapp powered by blockchain technology.

The university student mock election was held on Monday 13th January 2020 using the blocking voting application. The ethereum-based voting dapp is still on ethereum test-net environment. 

The test-net version of the Univote voting dapp will be functional on ethereum test-net. This will help the voting app developer team achieve a good result before the actual launch on aeternity network mainnet in the future. 

We recorded remarkable updates in cryptocurrency regulations through BFX BitPesa remittance license. Also in blockchain adoption through UniJos blockchain powered voting app. And then digital economy drive and de-colonialism through the rejection in the change of CFA Franc to Eco Currency for Africa.

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