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Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Got Hacked.

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Bithumb one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea reportedly gets hacked according to a report from Bithumb.

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An usual withdrawal activity was detected by Bithumb at exactly 10:15pm on March 29 2019. During which an EOS account name—ifguz3chmamg had withdrawn over 3 million EOS.

According to a tweet by crypto users— Davey Wan.

As at 9:40AM (SGT time) on 29/03/2019. The hacker account ifguz3chmamg was created at accountcreat. The hack lasted for barely 15 hours from around 9:40AM to 11 PM. An estimated amount of over $12 million worth of EOS was stolen.

Bithumb had freezed all exchange accounts as at 30/03/2019 and the remaining EOS on its hot wallet has been transferred to the cold wallet.

According to the translated note from Bithumb report. The incident was an “accident involving insiders”.  Bithumb is conducting investigations with the cyber police agency, KISA and other security companies.

The stolen funds had been moved to different cryptocurrency exchanges. ChangeNow a non-custodian crypto swap platform reportedly gets the highest in-flow of the funds.

Bithumb was previously hacked in 2018 during which over $30 million worth of cryptocurrency was lost. Later on, $14 million was reportedly recovered.


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