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Binance CEO CZ and Other World Leading Crypto Companies Lend Their Voices to the #EndSARS Campaign in Nigeria. | DiutoCoinNews

Binance CEO CZ and Other World Leading Crypto Companies Lend Their Voices to the #EndSARS Campaign in Nigeria.

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While many other crypto companies across the country mostly in Africa has lended their voices to the on-going protest in Nigeria against Police brutality and especially among the special unit of the Police Force tagged SARS, popular foreign personnels including Binance,s CEO Changpen Zhao and Justin Sun of Tron Foundation has lend their voice to the crypto community in Nigeria.

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The on-going campaign against Police Brutality has gone worldwide and attracted worldwide attention. Though the police government have responded to this menace including legally dissolving and publicly scrapping this special unit, the affected Youths protesting have persisted. 

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Notable companies who have contributed to this campaign includes:

Bundle Africa

Bitsika Africa

CoinsApp Global

Quidax Africa

ABiT Network

These notable crypto companies have lended their voices to the campaign publicly on social media and financially geared towards ensuring that the protesters are duly protected and faired for

Moreover, Ray Youssef of Paxful have also lended his voice towards the campaign urging Nigeria to end the brutal killings. He expressed deepest regrets as to how the government is rewarding the hardworking Youths with zero security for sustaining the economy with their efforts and hardworks.

“This is a real crisis of human rights happening now! Police are targeting young entrepreneurs for using crypto currency. Nigerians brilliantly adopted crypto early and used it legitimately to rise out of poverty and restore honor to Nigeria and this is their reward ? #EndSARS”

He also called on all crypto leaders and influencers to help and lend their voices to the Nigeria crypto community in other to help them stay safe and free from harassments because they trade cryptocurrencies.

Earlier before now Don Jazzy, a popular forex market celebrity trader has also lend his voice towards the campaign stating that “Bitcoin isn’t a Crime” and that the Youths should be protected.

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