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DiutoCoinNews has joined hands with LapLap, a Web3 PublishToEarn Ecosystem Player in a partnership.

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Laplap is building a Web3 player ecosystem with GameFi and SocialFi at its core, using an original “Publish To Earn” to guide players to discover and participate in the latest game projects. In addition to the traditional “play to earn” model, Laplap also allows users to vote based on the game’s playability, and participate in the launching stage of GameFi projects. 

After the game is released, community members can continue to earn by playing the game or participating in the development of the game through promoting, offering suggestions, etc.

DiutoCoinNews & LapLap

DiutoCoinNews is a blockchain and cryptocurrency media firm registered in Nigeria and operating from Lagos Nigeria. DiutoCoinNews is the fastest growing crypto news media channel in Nigeria with continental popularity in the region of Africa.

The company believes in achieving financial freedom through information. Having interviewed Grammy Award-winning personalities like LeriQ and others, DiutoCoinNews boosts as a major news channel in Nigeria with wide visits.

LapLap has a stronghold as a top GameFi DAO platform in the crypto space with partnerships from top brands like Polygon Studios, Project Galaxy, Filecoin Wallet, OKLink of OKX Chain, etc. 

Speaking on the relationship between both companies, the CEO of DiutoCoinNews, Tony Chimdiuto said; “what we have achieved today is a healthy relationship. This new synergy will help bring financial freedom to more users in the crypto space across Nigeria and Africa at large. Users from Africa can earn using GameFi and SocialFi offered through the LapLap ecosystem”

The relationship between DiutoCoinNews, and LapLap has been a good one starting from previous event organized in Nigeria and future events which can come in the country. LapLap Launched its first web3 Course in Africa through DiutoCoinNews in Nigeria. 

Both companies are geared to spread and grow the emerging crypto ecosystem in the region, contributing to financial inclusion for the region through games and social media communities.

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