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You can buy gift cards with your crypto and use these gift cards to buy real-world goods and services from thousands of top retailers and brands.

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Let’s have a look at the likely scenario with Bob. Bob provides liquidity on SpookySwap for ETH-BOO pair on the Swap Pool. He collects his swap fees (spLP tokens) and stakes them on the Farm and earns some BOO.

If you are not an earner on Fantom yet, you can start supplying liquidity and start earning swap fees and rewards on DEXes on Fantom eco-system such as SpookySwap which is a one of the automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchanges (DEXes) for the Fantom Opera network. Visit the Fantom project list where you will find more information on this.

You can swap between tokens on the Fantom network via SpookySwap at the lowest fees, collect swap fees by contributing to the liquidity pools used for swaps, or stake your proof of liquidity at farms to start earning BOO.

Now that Bob has earned some nice amount of BOO, he thinks he can afford that headphones he has been thinking to buy for a while. What are the next steps for Bob? Here is where CryptoRefills comes in.

Bob now can spend his earnings at Cryptorefills on Fantom Opera Network – after converting his BOO into stable coins such as USDT or USDC – in exchange for gift cards for hundreds of top retailers or brands.

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