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Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 11:46 am

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One of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Naijacrypto recently introduced Ripple (XRP) market allowing its users to trade ripple on it’s platform. 

The new service came few weeks after integrating paystack into it’s platform allowing Naijacrypto users to deposit and withdraw naira on it’s platform. The new feature allows buying and selling of crypto using debit cards on the platform.

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Moreso, according to the CEO of Naijacrypto, some other features like Know Your Customer (KYC) requires users to verify their identity only during withdrawals. Users can deposit and trade but will require submitting identification documents before processing withdrawals.

“We are creating a page for those who are not really trusted or who find the exchange form of trading complicated. If you want to buy bitcoins on NaijaCrypto, you don’t have to go to the exchange, you can simply go on the ‘Instant buy and sell crypto’ page, set the price, and check out,” says Chiagozie, CEO, NaijaCrypto.

Some other features includes Google 2Factor Authentication which ensures the safety of users account from hack attempts. The platform also requires the verification of user’s email account to use the platform.

Other extra features includes Naijacrypto Academy which according the CEO will help educate it’s users on how to use it’s platform and what cryptocurrency is all about. 

Visit Naijacrypto now and register.

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