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Five Things You Can Do During this Period to Forget About Coronavirus and Bitcoin Price

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So we decided to make a list of five things that can keep you busy during this period and forget about the Bitcoin price and coronavirus pandemic while your investment is there.

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The news about coronavirus and the Bitcoin price is still dominating the up town news media headlines on a daily. 

The issue of coronavirus has seriously affected the economic situation of the country. Many people are still on lockdown while some others are taking the risk out there.

Mostly, students are still on lockdown and now looking for what to do. Whether you are a crypto enthusiast or just a random school boy out there. You can get your hands dirty and start working with these five opportunities. 

Let’s Get Off the Lockdown and Worry No More About Coronavirus and Bitcoin Price:

You Can Just Start Affiliate Marketing: 

Most people are still on lockdown. Students who are under Marketing Department in their schools can leverage on their knowledge of marketing and start making some money. 

This can cover your cost for data and other expenses as a student from anywhere you are now during this period. Forget about coronavirus and the Bitcoin price and get busy doing something.

You can actually earn now by joining the affiliate programs on these platforms;





AbiTRep can pay you up to 30,000 naira per month to market and promote their product and reach an achievable target monthly. Register  to get started.

Do You Know You Can Get Busy With Engagements on Social Media:

Social media is a great tool here. As a students out there, you can make money with Bitcoin, working from Nigeria. All you have to do is to stay online 24/7 and put up engaging contents.

Your social media account is a great tool here. Just set up new account with Brave Browser Publishers Network and get your account verified.

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Once you are verified, you can connect your twitter account or YouTube account and start earning crypto.

Now Download brave browser on google Playstore. Then register as a brave publisher. Moreover, you can participate in bounties, airdrops, giveaways and some other things.

Start Reading Your Books Now Ahead of Time and Create a Big Future for Yourself

Now is the opportunity. Go online now and browse on many books and tutorials. Check out tutorials or beginners guides to Bitcoin trading, blockchain, developing DApps, programming etc.

There is enough time now to brainstorm on many things like how to leverage your WhatsApp and make sales. Maybe you learnt how to make pizza, cookies etc. WhatsApp is there to help you make sales and cover your expenses.

Download ebooks, enroll for online tutorials that will be of benefit to you (very important). Read enough books out there, learn too many other things like programming.

Trade Collectibles—Non Fungible Tokens:

Do you know that Trust Wallet has collectibles market. Use Trust Wallet to access and set up accounts on top crypto markets for collectibles and NFTs so that you can start trading them and earn.

“Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), also often referred to as crypto collectibles, expand upon this idea. Unlike cryptocurrencies, where all tokens are created equally, non-fungible tokens are each unique and limited in quantity. NFTs are one of the key building blocks of a new, blockchain-powered digital economy”.

A Brief Explanation on “What is NFTs?”

So for example:  Social media networks like Twitter or Facebook where everyone has their own unique account representing their own online activity are all non-fungible digital assets. These assets vary in their tradeability, liquidity, cost and interoperability. 

These assets or tokens can be represented on blockchain using ERC721 or ERC115. Where each collectibles, items etc can be represented with their own unique IDs. 

Using Trust Wallet or any other compatible wallet, you can easily set up your account via your ethereum wallet to access and trade collectibles. 

Sit Down, Think About Your Life, Set Up Long-Term Goals, Eat and Enjoy Yourself

Nonetheless, eat and enjoy yourself biggie. Look at your life long-term goals, update it and enjoy living. 

Go outside and think big. You are the best. 

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