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Africa’s No 1 Cryptocurrency Trader Challenges Promoters of Ethereum Million Money to a Debate.

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Gaius Chibueze is the No 1 Cryptocurrency Trader in Africa. Ranked one of the world’s best traders on Binance in 2019. Gaius Chibueze has challenged promoters of Ethereum Million Money to a debate.

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As the Biggest Bitcoin Trader in Africa, Gaius Chibueze is out to fight all Ponzi Schemes using Bitcoin or Ethereum as transactional currency.

“Cryptocurrencies are not get rich quick schemes that you will put 4000 Naira today and get 100 Million naira the next Month.There is never fixed Profit or earnings in Cryptocurrencies.”

Going Further, Gaius Chibueze also notes that bitcoin went down from $8000 on the 15th of March to 3500$. So then anyone telling you to put 1 Naira to get 2 Naira is a thief, “Dont listen to them you’ll lose your Money.”

This is the reason why whenever you are buying Tatcoin on AbitNetwork. You will be see a notification of a Disclaimer on www.abitnetwork.com for you to know that that all Cryptocurrencies are speculative investments.

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He is therefore challenging all the promoters of Ethereum Mobile money to a live video for them debate on Ponzi scheme and compare them to Tatcoin or Bitcoin.

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