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I hate words like ‘inspirational’ because they have become so overdone and tacky, but I just have to say it- Stephen Voski is an inspiration to others. 

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He is a way maker in the crypto world; it is only someone who has followed a path before that will know, understand and still care to teach others about it. Stephen Vicki adopted bitcoin in 2016 and has committed to educating Nigerians on cryptocurrency. Popularly known as a Son to Chris Ani. 

He founded Crypto Space NG to project the right knowledge as opposed to the narrative of bitcoin being a hype or Ponzi scheme. He is an Ambassador for Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

The Book; Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency was written by Stephen Chukwu Ndubuisi (aka Stephen Voski).

The book was published by Publishmybook in 2021.

The book comprises six knowledge packed chapters. You will get to understand and learn these contents of the chapters; 

  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • Being Your Own Bank 
  • How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto Trading
  • Defi
  • Cryptocurrency Technology  

The message of this book is clear. “To invest in anything worthwhile, first of all, invest in knowledge of it”. Knowledge is power, so for one to properly invest in cryptocurrency, one must have and should carry out proper research on platforms, exchanges that will be beneficial; study and understand the trends in the cryptocurrency market, the main reason why this book is a must-read.

Besides doing adequate research, there are tips in “Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency” which could help with your investments in the crypto space. Here are seven helpful tips to get you started and help you make better decisions ;

  • Research Exchanges: You need to do your research if you are going to start investing. Your analysis must begin with the various platforms that help you buy and sell digital currencies. According to, there are over 500 exchanges you can choose from. Find out the one whose requirements and review are top-notch and speak to more experienced traders about your plans on these exchanges.
  • Allocate a Small Percentage of your Portfolio to Cryptocurrencies:  The next thing to do is to decide what percentage from your portfolio you will allocate to cryptocurrency. You need to understand one rule when investing in cryptocurrencies: if you don’t master greed and fear, they will master you. It would help if you learn to control these two, especially when you see the prices skyrocket even more. If you move too fast and make irrational decisions, your hands may eventually burn.
  • Choose Your Cryptocurrency: The choice may be a tough one, but you will have to choose a cryptocurrency. There are hundreds and thousands of them, and one can get discouraged on which one to pick. I can suggest joining the Crypto Space Academy here.
  • Choose a Platform to Buy Cryptocurrencies: One seeming disadvantage to buying cryptocurrencies is that you can’t get them from the usual banks or financial institutions. So, you are limited to buying, selling, and even holding them on tested and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Store Your Cryptocurrency: Now it’s time to store your cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet. A crypto wallet is a program that stores both private and public keys which connect you to the blockchain your cryptocurrencies are in. 
  • Secure Your Cryptocurrency: Securing your cryptocurrency is of utmost importance. This is necessary especially when you do transactions online using your crypto. 
  • Diversify your Investments: Diversification is a good strategy for all sorts of investments, and cryptocurrency is no different. Not all your money should be in bitcoin. Spread your investments around to several currencies. It is wise to do so, and it can save you from future heartbreak if a coin doesn’t yield as expected.

However, there is a final bonus tip, in Chapter 3 of Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency to get this bonus tip.

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Reading this book to the end, then you are assured of succeeding in the crypto world. With adequate knowledge from reading this book and embarking on more research, you will be capable of doing limitless things. 

This book held my interest. There were no slow parts, it was thought-provoking and very engrossing. I strongly recommend this book to everyone especially the young adults and teens who are still on the way to embracing financial freedom.

Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency is a must-read. I think anyone can enjoy it and most importantly learn a lot from it.

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One thought on “Why You Should Own a Copy of the Generational Wealth Written By Stephen Voski”
  1. I have bought the book and i must say that it’s filled with so much knowledge. The book in 10 in 1 package.

    Everything you need to know about crypto is there

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