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Household Fashion house Dolce and Gabbana have become the first Fashion house to launch its Wearable collection of Nft’s called ‘Collezione Genesi’ depicted as ‘Genesis collection’ in English. The launch is in partnership with the digital marketplace UNXD.

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On 14th July, the Italian luxury fashion house created by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985 announced that the firm was commencing the establishment of a non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Dolce & Gabbana also known as D&G  disclosed the first-ever Alta Moda NFT collection.

Other Luxury brands have previously raided the crypto Nft ecosystem to partake in the Non-fungible token disruption. Brands like Warner Bros., Playboy, USA Today, Delorean car company and a couple of others have joined the revolutionary industry.

The fashion firm was not left out in the adoption as it has drafted an enormous variety of creative concepts including clothes and perfume, this piece would be a statement in the industry as this will be the firm’s first NFT into the business.

In a tweet posted by the official D&G store, the company has been “proud” of the release of the NFT in the market. 

“The first-ever Alta Moda NFT exclusive collection in partnership with luxury marketplace,” the tweet reads. Adding that aspiring bidder for the DGGenesi NFT can now reserve their spots on

DGGenesi NFT Inspiration Channel

According to a report by beauty and style magazine Vogue, the DGGenesi NFT collection would be available from the 28th of August in Italy. It would be on display during the Alta Gioielleria and Alta Sartoria exhibitions.

In the NFT collection, DGGenesi got its inspiration from “high fashion,” which could be translated in Italian as “Alta Moda.”

D&G was inspired by the actions of Gucci in its latest NFT sale. The famous auction house Christie’s was able to sell “Gucci Aria,” its NFT that cost $256,000 making it one of the costliest fashion Nfts ever. the proceeds for the recent NFT auction would all go to Unicef USA.

Gucci’s “Aria” and Dolce & Gabbana’s “DGGenesi” are not the only fashion homes to venture into NFTs sales in the fashion industry, Apart from Gucci and D&G, several other fashion brands have prevailed into the digital world of Nft uniquely designed images, videos and video games.

 In 2019, Louis Vuitton partnered with video game developer Riot Games to launch a League of the legendary collection of highly inspired Nfts and last month British designer Burberry provided exclusive NFTs for Mythical Games’ sandbox multiplayer game Blankos Block Party.

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