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Hellenic Node: The First Successful ICO on Turtle Network

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Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 11:04 am

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Hellenic Node the first reward distribution model ICO on Turtle Network nears SOFTCAP.

Hellenic Node aims to use the funds to be raised after its ICO to funds it’s project. The Advertisement and Content Sharing Network project of Hellenic Node needs funds to be executed. This funds will be used to run ads and article using Google Adsense and Facebook Audience Network. This generates funds for the Hellenic Node Platform. These incomes generated will be distributed to its $HN Hellenic Node holders. They will be shared among it’s token holders periodically using Turtle Node Token, Waves Token and Wagerr Token.

Hellenic Node is a node on Turtle Network in Greece. A Blackturtle Advisor and Blackturtle Faucet maintainer. Hellenic Node Started it’s ICO on Turtle Network on July, 16 2018 with Turtle Node, Waves, Wagerr and Bitcoin as the payment gateway. The ICO is scheduled to end on 17th of August and the ICO progress has being responsive. The community is active and co-operative also. Hellenic Node boasts of 300 plus active members in its community. Hellenic Node achieved 65 percent of its funding within 13 days of the ICO launch. The Hellenic Node ICO nearly reached 80 percent of its ICO Target. The softcap is yet to be reached with only five percent away from the current ICO funding. Talking with the Founder and CEO of Hellenic Node Odysseas Vasileiadis:

I just want to thank the Turtle Network Community for their heartfelt support during our Hellenic Node Tokensale. It was a welcomed challenge for me to try to explain all these new concepts to the community. While the model is not new, its implementation on the blockchain ecosystem is and I am very grateful for those who believed in the model allowing us an opportunity to offer its benefits to a new audience.

He expressed his sincere gratitude towards the community for their support and interest in Hellenic Node. Talking about how the vibrant team of Hellenic Node plans to execute the project at hand. Odysseas Vasileiadis said:

I would also like to take this opportunity and give the community a brief update. The team has begun preliminary work which can be done at this stage so that when the ICO comes to an end our model can be launched and begin working in our favor. As soon as Hellenic Node starts delivering profit everyone will realize the potential our model has to offer.

He extended his sincere gratitude to Waves Platform , Turtle Network and Wagerr for the enabling ground and to the community for the co-operation.

About Turtle Network :
Founded by Bram Nagtegals (aka Mr Turtle) from Belgium. It had its CrowdFund in January 2018 with the TurtleNode (TN) token and focusing on the TurtleNodeBot and TurtleNode services on Waves Platform.
In April 2018 expanded it’s services to include the Turtle Network, separating it’s Blockchain fully from Waves Platform. It later re-branded to BlackTurtle becoming a competitive brand in the blockchain ecosystem.




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  1. Hellenic node was what I knew would become a successful project because the spirit they were working to bringing everything they wanted together was very amazing.
    Bravo Hellenic node…
    Bravo herb mentalist..

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