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How To Make Money From STEPN NFT Project.

By Ekenedilichukwu May12,2022 ##StepN
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What is STEPN NFT project? STEPN is a move and earn crypto gaming application that lets you earn, maintain good health and also limits your carbon footprint.

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Today we are going to focus on how a beginner can make more than 40 US dollars in a day using STEPN.

How to download STEPN APP?

The very first step to start earning would be to download the application on your phone. It is available for both Android and iPhones.

Once you download the app, you will have to create an account to sign in and start playing.

To complete your signing in you will need an activation code, which unfortunately isn’t easy to get. You will either have to ask a friend or acquaintance for it or check out STEPN’s discord channel to get the code.

By entering the activation code, you will complete the process of signing in.


Solana is the Cryptocurrency that the app is currently using. To buy sneakers, you will need to transfer Solana into your STEPN wallet.

And where you might find your wallet? It is on the top right corner of the app in the shape of a wallet itself.

Once the transfer is complete, you will have to change it into spending from your wallet. You can decide how much SOL you wish to change into spending money from the wallet.

Buying Sneakers: How to choose the right STEPN Sneaker?

As soon as your change SOL from wallet to spend, you are ready to buy the shoes. These are the only way you can earn in this game.

Click on the cart icon that will be seen on the home screen of your app at the bottom right corner, it will take you to the marketplace of the STEPN.

You can filter according to your pocket and desire. There are 4 main types of sneakers to choose from, these are as follows.

  1. Walker
  2. Jogger
  3. Runner
  4. Trainer

The type of shoe you own also determines your earnings.

The qualities also determine the price of the shoe. Moreover, the more shoes you have in your portfolio the more energy you get to move.

Runners are the cheapest at the marketplace even though they get you the most tokens and this is because people prefer walking or jogging rather than running.

It is important to understand that STEPN does not sell any of the shoes itself, users can only buy them from others via the marketplace.

Renting is currently not functioning but when it will be, then you will see that you can run, and earn even when you don’t have the capital to buy a shoe. All you need to do is split the profit.

Run and earn GMT

Once you own a Sneaker, it will be visible on your current shoe list.

If you are ready to run, you can click on the extreme bottom left icon of a running man. You’ll see your sneaker at the top and the start button at the bottom.

You also be able to see a tab indicating your energy and the next refill indication. Each energy represents 5 minutes of movement.

After you are done with your daily moves remember to repair it for its durability and level up.

How to make money with STEPN?

Currently, there are only three primary courses of income available in the STEPN economy, these are

1. Earn GST token

2. Breeding STEPN Sneaker

3. Stake GMT (by staking you can earn a portion of the game’s profit)

Your earnings are dependent directly on the type of shoe that you have as well.

  1. Walker: – If you burn one energy you get 4 tokens, where you will have to maintain the speed between 1 to 6 km/hr.
  2. Joggers: – by burning 1 energy and maintaining a speed of 4 to 10 km/hr. you get 5 tokens,
  3. Runners: – In this, you get 6 tokens for burning one energy and running between 8 to 20 km/hr.
  4. Trainers: – You get the most flexibility in these sneakers as you have to maintain a speed between 1 to 20 km/hr. to burn energy and get 4 to 6 tokens.  

Apart from this, any uncommon shoe will get you 1 plus energy to your total energy. 

How to Earn more with STEPN sneakers?

Each STEPN Sneaker has its unique attribute which directly impacts your movement capabilities. The better the attributes the more you will earn.

The 4 attributes are resilience, luck, comfort, and efficiency.

Amongst these, I would suggest you focus on efficiency and resilience as a beginner because there is no use of the attribute comfort until level 30 and luck is not very futile that the moment.

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