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The market for NFT is at the peak of cryptocurrency market at the moment. For the first time, NFT has taken over as the market leader in cryptocurrency exchange trading. The trend is building, from creating , minting and selling NFT to having NFT token prices exploding. The speedy growth of NFT has continued to interest content creators, artists, collectors and investors.

This article will guide you on the process of minting an NFT. First, an understanding of the technology is needed.

As advancement in blockchain technology continues to grow, developers found a way to include and digitalize arts, collectibles, contents of all forms, games, etc into blockchain landscape.

According to Andrey Sergeenkov, An NFT uses token standards that set unique identifiers to establish the uniqueness of a token. In other words, two non-fungible token-based items can’t be used the same as two Bitcoin would, despite the similarities they might share in appearance. Thanks to the immutability and transparency of blockchain, we can trace the creation timestamp of an NFT, the original creator, the current owner and other unique identifiers. All these details are available on a public ledger and cannot be manipulated.”

Why Do Creators Prefer to Use NFT ?

Artist and content creators usually have to spend tons of money in promotion of their work to attract patronage. I most cases Auction house who have made name as revered arts selling place take huge commission from the sell of an artist works. With NFT many intermediaries are removed. Creators enjoys the flexibility of creating, minting and getting the worth of their work in full.

How Do You Create an NFT ?

The first on the list of how to create an NFT is identifying blockchain that supports NFT. It is worthy to note that once you mint an NFT on a blockchain it may not be possible to move or sell it in another blockchain. In-depth research is needed to identifying the blockchain that has a huge and loyal market base and also ones that the principles align with yours as a creator. These are list of blockchains that mint NFT.


Flow by Dapper Lab






Binance smartchain


You need a wallet that supports NFT on the blockchain you want to use and an account on an NFT on a market place the is compatible with the blockchain of your wallet.

Minting NFT

Visit the marketplace you want to create your NFT, check for the create button and click. A prompt will direct you on how to connect to your wallet that supports and is compatible with the blockchain of the marketplace you are using. You will be required to sign message on your wallet to confirm the ownership of the address. Go back to the create menu and click on my collectibles. A highlighted create button will appear to enable you to upload your artwork, music, memes and other digital piece. Name your digital item and upload with a description.

Once you’re done with guidelines to personalise your items, click create to mint your NFT. To confirm the creation of the NFT in your wallet, you have to sign in another message. Once the confirmation is verified , your NFT will appear as collectibles in your wallet. Viola, you can now list your NFT on the marketplace by clicking the edit button and follow the prompts directives.

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