Great Tips on How to Withdraw Naira From Binance When Flutterwave is Down.

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Many Nigerians have issues with how to withdraw Naira from Binance when the withdrawal limit set by flutterwave on Binance has been reached.

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Some traders shared with Diutocoinnews how they were able to withdraw their funds from Binance even when flutterwave withdrawal limit has been reached.

In other to successfully move out your funds you will need an app called Bundle Africa, an African focused social payment application for cash and cryptocurrency transactions, allowing users to buy, sell, and hold fiat.

How to do this

Follow these steps below:

  • Get a Bundle Africa app from Google Play Store. 
  • Create a new account through this social payments app.
  • Make sure you have verified your identity via KYC (Know Your Customer) with the required documents.
  • Go Back to your Binance Account.
  • Convert Your Naira to BUSD (Binance USD). 
  • Withdraw your BUSD from Binance to your Bundle Africa App
  • Then Withdraw from Bundle Africa App directly to your bank account.

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Once you are done, you will get a credit alert within few mins from your bank. Remember that Bundle Africa App charges a minimal fee of N50 for withdrawal.

Bundle is an app that lets you send cash & trade crypto for free. When you sign up with my link you’ll get N500 free

This quick tip will help you withdraw urgent funds whenever the Naira withdrawal limit for Binance through flutterwave is reached. 

You can utilize the app while Naira withdrawal on Binance resumes again.

Moreover, you can use the social payments app to easily request and send money to your family and friends on the app with no hassle.

Additional Tip:

You can use it to disturb Dad to send pocket money to you when you are in school. He will always get your notification of funds request once he is using the app.

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One thought on “Great Tips on How to Withdraw Naira From Binance When Flutterwave is Down.

  1. Bundle Africa is now a Scam app If you ever put your money there consider it lost as they have reconfigured their app to receive only but unable for withdrawal. I put in a little money there to exchange to Naira and they swallowed it without the ability to vomit it out for more than 2 months. Through email they kept promising but can’t do anything. Too bad. Thousands of people have lost their money to them running into millions.

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