Muslim Crypto Honoring The Birth of Prophet Mohammed Debuts.

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A crypto professional developing group announced campaign for the launch of Islamicoin to create a solution to financial independence for the future of the global Muslim community.

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The cryptocurrency press release noted that it is ,”built and devised based on the latest blockchain technology through Polygon, ISLAMICOIN is a token created to establish and launch a secure, reliable, and trusted Islamic currency that facilitates commerce exchanges and financial transactions around the world.”

According to ISLAMICOIN WhitePaper published on, “ISLAMICOIN will be in compliance with the values and ethics of the Islamic religion through integrating the success of ISLAMICOIN with the main pillars of Islam, this means an investment in ISLAMICOIN is also an investment in humanitarian and charitable causes.”

The ISLAMICOIN project is not the first tech start-up aimed at the crypto investors community nor is it the first Muslim compliant Crypto. Caiz coin is the first Islam compliant cryptocurrency with thee mission statement to ” provide innovative financial solutions allowing everyone to participate in the present financial world while complying with the Islamic principles.”

The company roadmap includes the research and development of a proprietary ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN that will grow and prove its competency and presence in the worldwide financial trading platforms. ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN will be a secure smart-contract blockchain encompassing the organizations, businesses and companies working under Islamic finance, promoting Halal products, family entertainment, noble causes and services.

NB: A the time of filling this report, the Islamicoin is not listed on any cryptocurrency monitoring app/website like CoinMarketCap.

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