Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Kenya Ranks Fourth Globally In The Number Of Cryptocurrency Search, Research Confirms.

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A recent research study carried out by Broker Chooser just found out that Kenya is fourth highest in the number of searches on cryptocurrency in the world in the past twelve months. They are only surpassed according to the research study by Ukraine, Russia, and the United States of America.

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News from citizen newspapers reported that the number of searches springing out of Kenya during twelve months is at 99,810.

The statistic that ranked Kenya as the fourth-highest country globally in terms of searches on cryptocurrency has revealed that there is an increase in the interest per capita in the African country than Nigeria and South Africa.

The result of this research has shown that despite the reluctance of the Kenyan government to adopt crypto, Kenyan’s are still very must interested.

An earlier report has cited that despite the vivid interest and adoption of crypto currency and digital assets by Kenyans, the central bank of Kenya (CBK) is hesitant in embracing it.

George Mwakisha, the business development manager in Kenya, says the county can benefit greatly from digital currencies if it is able to struggle past certain relevant legislative law 

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